Sunday, June 5, 2011

ej's party - Ninja Warrior

ej's 6th birthday party
Ninja Warrior
by the beach : Changi

We had fun at the party by the beach, great companies, great catch up wif friends and FUN obstacles for the kids to conquer ;) ;) ;) am so proud of my babies {lol} , kai and faith teehee ;) I thought it was quite tough for faith but she DID it!!!. at one point i knew she got teary but she din't give up! Hooray to you guys and all the kiddos that completed the Ninja course!!! Thank you Pastor Eric and sweet Serene for having us and Blessed Birthday EJ ;)

Lovely week to all ;)



mignonnelulu said...

first to post!! that's rare to come by :p. definitely looks like u ALL had a blast!! looks so OBS...haha..brings back good memories!! love d juxtaposition of your photos..especially the last set with only you and simon :) itz a lovey-dovey shot! love with all your heart...treasure every moment..never take one another for granted :)

Tan E-Zen said...

Ej sounds like my brother's name. E-Jun. Hahaha x) glad you guys had a great time.. Like the ninja warrior program on channel 5. Hehehe see ya around ;)