Friday, June 17, 2011

Ballet Summer Camp {RAD}

I can't imagine her not being a ballerina,
I can't imagine it, because she is so driven and
a perfectionist when she's dancing,
She's blessed,very blessed,
to have found her place,
as a ballerina...

Thank You card for Ms Herlinda
{photo taken by :ml}
Thank You card for Ms Sue
Ballerina tags for lil ballerinas
{photo taken by : ml}
Photo cheers wif Mr David, from UK
see..Mr David wif my handmade card?? kekeke
Photo cheers wif Ms Sue, a professional ballet teacher and
RAD examinor
RAD Ballet Summer Camp @ The Dance Station. The ballerinas had the best of time in dancing and absurdly lucky to have been close and personal with two prominent figures in the dancing scene, Mr David and Ms Sue from UK.

A week of crazy sending here and there...but...Their mommies, gosh! chatted and laughed and ate and ate!! Such nice bonding time with sis and friends who are so nice to be with. simple pleasure in life.absolutely. Thank you mommy ballerinas for your great and warm company and for all the lovely gifts ;)



Lean said...

lovely work and your girl looks so sweet as a balerina..

Rachael Funnell said...

Awesomeness here JAZ! Just super Sweet.....

mignonnelulu said...

so proud of you dear have such a beautiful talent..and best of have a mummy with such a beautiful heart...always springing with intricate gifts for those who have made an impression on you :) keep dancing girl!