Thursday, April 28, 2011

MAY i share....

Altered frame
"sweet moments"

Altered mini album

Altered mini album

commissioned piece ;)

commissioned piece ;)
Herez sharing some creations from the past days. May I see sweet smiles from friends who receive them. Thank you all that contacted me for commissioned pieces. Am so glad litle creation from me could lift up the faith and hope in J who has just lost a loved one.
And am hoping lil 'e' will like what he sees ;)

I am glad that my scrapbooking journey carries along my love and purpose of scrapbooking, to spread the love and faith all over...

Thank you so much friends for visiting.

May your month be filled with many beautiful things ;)
Happy Labour Day, Happy Election Day, Happy Mother's Day...;) ;) ;)

I can't wait for my weekend. You have a great one too ;)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pump it up ;)

Pump Room
Clarke Quay

One of Singapore's most popular and established bands, Jive Talking turned 21 last wednesday. never fail to spice up the evenings with its vibrant repertoire of retro, pop, rock and jazz at the Pump Room, which was voted best party venue of the year by Singapore Parties. Jive Talking, so easily recognizable as their sax & lead vocalist is 'Ms Jeffrey' ;) ;) from Hard Rock Cafe years ago. My fav is their new baby Zuq!

Lulu brought us in as Amex's VIPs. What a treat to a good spread of buffet and wine ;) It's a great place for a night out! The best part of it all, I have Lu & clara all to myself that nite...teehee! Had such a great girls nite out!!! ;) love ya both ;) and of course love ya hubby, for taking the kids ! muacck!

A thank you note:
Class Layouts for Laine's Papeterie : Feb 2011

Thank you all for coming to this class and make it a success ;)

Thank you for coming back so faithfully here ;) and being such a sweety pie for following my blog ;) you gals are just the sweetest ;)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday Baptism

Easter Sunday Baptism 2011
Queenstown Baptist Church

Hello Friends,
Thank you sisters and brothers. Thank you friends for being there for us in this milestone ;)
Simon and I were asked to share our testimony that morning before our Baptism...In our weakness, God is glorified. with my jelly legs and all standing in front of the congregation that day, but through God's grace, the message was delivered....

To those of you that come by here, i pray you are lifted by this message too and keep your faith ;)
Here's our testimony ....

Good morning brothers&sisters in Christ,
Ten years ago,our son Nowis Xu Kai was born.
He was hospitalized when he was one month old.

The gastro-intestinal medical specialist came and told us that Kai had a condition whereby there was a twisting of his malrotated intestines and it could be potentially fatal. he had to be operated immediately.They explained that due to his young age, not the operation but the hi level of anaethestic would be life threatening. simon was home to get our things, i was asked to sign a form that says that the consequences was that kai may end up being a vegetable. As a new mother I cried non stop.within few hours, kai was wheeled into the operating theatre .Kai came out about 3hours later with so many tubes on him. we were lucky then, for Within a week we all could go home. We were overjoyed.

but few weeks after that, one morning Kai was crying very badly. His stomach was bloated. Again we rushed him to KK Hospital. He was scheduled for an ops immediately. .as non believers, we both felt so hopeless, nothing we could do. and i kept worrying even if he gets through this, when is the next?

During the saddest moment of my life, i remembered my then colleage the kind Chee Wah.Chee Wah was always trying to talk to me about the Lord as we were in the same office. He would always ask me for lunch , i went with him a few times but to me then, the lunch always got so boring because he would always preach for at least an hour about God's words. I was always so sleepy listening to him. after a few times lunching with him, i dedcided that i would hide in the toilet during the next lunch time. in order not for him to suspect that, i would first say "YES " to his lunch appt. But i would kept very queit in the toilet while i hear him calling out for me. when i hear his footsteps fading, i would then come out frm my hiding.but God found me ....

Bk at the hospital As I was attending to Kai who was still struggling for his life, I decided to call Chee Wah.I told him i want to know more about 'his' God. the one he claims can heal and do anythign for us,

Bro Chee wah then sent an angel. she is Sister Helena.Her soft voice and tender loving way of attending to us, showed me a new whole world of what a great example of Christian is like.Sister Helena came almost everyday and shared about Jesus. I remembered asking her if I believe in Jesus, will He heal my son.Two weeks after that I accepted the Lord. My faith grew and i began to learn & trust the Lord
There were love shown from other families. The Christian family who was next bed to us, lost their child but came back to the hospital to pray with us. Another Christian family who was struggling with their critical condition child never forget to come over to pray with us every nite.

The road to recovery for Kai was not immediate .After his 2nd major ops, he was not eating and he was havin hi fever all the time. The doctors were at their wit's end and scheduled another operation if Kai's condition did not improve. KKH also gave us the option to trf kai out to another hospital.I cried badly,we were already exhauted.& i havent been home for a month!!.I began to think that God was not listening to my prayer.

This was the time that i was also struggling with simon's acceptance of the Lord. He was always nowhere to be found whenever Sister Helena and Pastor Joseph came. I knew it was difficult for him just like what i had went thru with cheewah.

As Kai's condition got worse, Simon knew that we have nothing and no one else except the Lord. Simon was born a Taoist. Din't have any religion to fall back to. In the hospitals so many Christians came and bless us so abundantly with love, care, and so much so much of everything we needed. He read the bible Pasam 23 and the passage touched his heart. He know the message was from God.for him. He accepted the Lord.

That nite after simon and i prayed, I felt an unspeakable peace in my mind..i remember telling simon" i just knew it that kai will be fine tomorrow". indeed the next day, kai started taking his milk and the fever was gone.

I thank God for being faithful and keeping His promise according to Matthew 18:19:

"If two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my Father in heaven will do it for you."

I want to encourage anyone who needs healing to trust in God. He has been faithful to my family. Anytime I have needed healing for my family, He has kept his promise.

Till the day we grow old, with this testimony our faith will not fade but will continue to declare God's love.and share fr generation to generation.

today i have father Lord to thank, my family and friends from all over.and To queenstown baptish church and Sister Helena, thank you!

to everyone here today,thank you for being here and sharing this important time of our life.

thank you;)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Prima Product Pick : April

Layout : "you...colour"

This colour of Spring makes me want to scrap !! It's totally drool worthy. Check Out Prima Product Picks, and they're just beautiful ;)

I just thought I'd know, in case anyone else, like me, looking for some insipiration to get scrapping ;) You can see that I had fun here with this girly layout "you...colour .."

and oh, some of you were asking about the 40% off Prima products sale at Papermarket {here} and Laine's Papeterie {here}. These are LSS that I teach. So you can imagine how much flowers and birdcages {lolz} that I carry home.....att......sigh....

Have Fun;) Thank you for dropping by ;)



Papermarket : Jaz's May "altered shadow box" Class

PAPERMARKET {City Hall} : Jaz's May 2011 Class
"Altered Shadow Box"
"mommy .forever."

{little pockets for extra photos and hidden journalling}
An altered 12x12 shadow box. Loaded with amazing Prima, Glitz, House of3...and did you see there is a white vintage birdcage??? *drool* teehee! Filled with intricate details and lovingly created with lots of love. Just the Perfect gift for this coming Mother's Day. Or a gift for your someone special. Or just ...for yourself ;) ;) ;)

Schedules will be out soon so keep your eyes at my blog and at Laine's Blog.

Just a note to thank all my faithfull friends...and also to share that due to family's commitments, I will be teaching only one Sunday at Laine's and one Sunday at Papermarket {cityhall}. However, there will be 4classes running for the month for each class project at each venue. 3 of the other classes will be conducted by sweet Merdrey at PM and Shirley/Sharon at Lain'es. Upon saying that, I have to SAY AGAIN {lolz} that each and every class projects by me is designed with so much so much so much love and effort, Jazzed up for you to fall in love with ;) teehee;)

Thank you for your swit support and hope to see you in class soon ;) This project is already sent down to Papermarket ;)

I will be updating details on the dates soon. and details for Laine's Papeterie's class project "a pop up book" will be here soon ;)

Thank you for visiting;) Lovely week to all ;)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Layout " carpe diem "
Photo : Henry & Michelle & sweet amber

In my scrapbooking life, I always stay true to both of them.lolz. Most of you know my first love is Webster's Pages *wink*. Prima is the other. I love their products and never could resist buying anything from the store every single time.sigh.. with the recent buy 4 at 40% off at Papermarket and Laine's I have been feeling so pretty with all the yummy goodies lying around me lol ;) I had such a sweet time doing up this page ;)

Blessed Birthday Pastor Gim Har ;)
Thank you for doing so much for us...God bless ;)

With God's grace and Pastor Gim Har's guidance, Simon & myself are hosting the Young Adult Open Group cozily at our home. Pastor Gim Har gives so much to the group and I just want to make her a nice gift for her birthday. We celebrated her birthday at our place too. It has been a pleasure having the young group at our place every Thursday. Makes us feel young too!!! PTL!
They are the graduates from ALPA COURSE ;) and am always happy to have them in our home..20 of them and GROWING! PTL! and I pray that the group grows in Pastor Gim Har's tender loving care. and in Jesus's name. Amen.

for my tweet girlfriend Lulu who has just quit the sky lolz. this ex-Singapore Girl is grounded. lol but i like that. That means shez around breathing the same air with me and her mommy everyday now teehee ;) I wish you , Lu, all the very best in your future undertakings ;)

a pen holder and a cup that i altered.

Layout "xmas 2010"
Published in Scrapbook Creations : Reality Bites
Just sharing that this layout was published last year. But I have not received or seen the magazine yet. It's been on the way since months ago.??.....but nevermind im just so glad that it was published ;)

Once again thank you all for taking time to peek over here and thank you lovey dovey friends for dropping bags of love for me ;)

Have a Good Wednesday ;)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Prima love

Prima April BAP ;)

LO "beauty"
Have you gals seen the PRIMA April BAP sketch? i had so so so much fun !!!!

Did you gals know that at Laine's Papeterie and Papermarket, you buy 4 PRIMA products and you get 40% off? How pretty is that? i am now loaded with Prima at home and am such a happy girl ;)

A layout for Rachell. One of my favourite photos of her during the latest photo shoot. She's so ez to work with and am happy she loves the photos we took ;)

Thank you so much friends for taking time to come by my blog ;) and am always so touched to see new followers here ;) Many endless thank you!!! Have a great week to all.

Loads of love,

Sunday, April 10, 2011 rolling...Action..!! ;)

Our nest was being converted to a lil mini studio today. My family and I are so honoured and excited to be able to contribute in this lil way......filming for Dads For Life.

Dads for Life Movement

Dads for Life is a national movement to inspire and involve fathers to be good influencers in their children’s lives for life. The movement is strongly anchored in research that highlights the distinct benefits of paternal involvement on child development in terms of improved cognitive, socio-emotional, psychological and academic outcomes. Active paternal involvement is also linked to better couple relationships among parents, lower levels of maternal stress, and positive changes in fathers' self-identity, all of which suggest overall benefits for the family.

Dads for Life is an initiative of the National Family Council, and is supported by the Fathers Action Network (FAN).

I thank God that Kai, Faith and Sky were good with their roles. We bursted out laughing a few times but then we got back being serious or else nothing gets filmed. We did have lotsa fun. and we would like to thank Darry Chan and his wonderful team from FCBC {Faith Baptist Community Church} for being so patience with us. I pray that the video send a good message out to all the dads ;)

The rehearsing

simon the patience dad...
sky have to act crying...lolz

faith helping out in the kitchen

faith spilled the milk and refuse to clean it up..and mommy nagging..lolz

we filmed for almost the whole afternoon ;)

all these for...
I pray that the video comes out good and will send just the right message to fathers out there....

Thank you all for coming by and Have a Blessed Week ahead ;)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Blessed Birthday to a very special person...

Dear Pastor Gim Har,
This is to wish you an amazing birthday
and to let you know how blessed we are to have you
as our pastor.
You are not just our leader, you are our trusted friend in Christ Jesus.
May God look with favor on you today and bless his flock in your tender care!
Happy Birthday Pastor Gim Har!

From Simon, Jaz, Kai, Faith & Skyler and
The Young Adult Open Group

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Webster's Pages, me and some sweet stories...

Webster's Pages!!!

Layout "GROW with you"
Drop by inspireMe now for some yummy inspiration. You will be smiling just being there with the gorgeous creations shared by fellow DT girls. The scraplift for April GDT Tara Orr is scrumptious!!! ;)

Layout "Friend..."
a layout I did for sweet friend Yin. Who has such a great smile. a contagious one dat is ;) don't forget us Yin ;)

Layout "live your dreams...with nanami"

Tomoko has become one of my very close friend now. When I feel so lost and feel so down, and losing all my mojo, to scrap lol, Tomoko is always here to call , email and facetime me all the way from Japan. We will chat and laugh over some silly stuffs. but always so looking forward to the catch up ;) the only problem is that I always do not have the time comb my hair when she facetime me sigh!
she always send me photos and request if I can scrap for her and her lovely girl. She does beautiful things for me too which I want everything from her too lolz
so this is for you my friend, with lots of jazzy love ;)
As always, I read your lovely comments with so much excitement. Thank you so very much *grin*.
And dearest Nadhrah Maidin, lol . i like that bag of love you left behind for me ;) at the moment I am only with few DTs and designing & teaching at the LSS, i love that ;) I can create best when Im less stressed. I hope to be able to concentrate and do my best to whom I am commited to teehee;) Nad, im feeling bit lost right now so THANK YOU so much for your love.

And to all my friends, thank you for coming by and taking time to leave me some sweet comments ;)

Have a great weekend ;)


Friday, April 1, 2011

OOOOoooooo-la-la ;)