Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Princess" mini album

Mini Album : "Princess" for my dearest niece Shania...

album page 1
album page 2

album page 3

album page 4

album page 5

album page 6

album page 7

album page 8

album page 9

Introducing my third mini album for the month..Hope she'll like it ;). There's something ridiculously addictive about the minis.. L.O.L.
I have excitedly designed this denim mini, for PaperMarket. The class is for February 2010. So if you would like to take the class, do drop by here ;) or you may buzz 63339007. Endless thanx!
In this post I want to escpecially say a BIG THANK YOU to all that have attended my classes @ Laines Papeterie and Papermarket (designed by me , taught by the awesome PM gals ;) .
I must say, yesterday was another fun time with you fabulous 11 gals @ 'Home' Class @ Laines. Huge class huh ;) With so many of you coming up to me at the end of the class (while i was bz ..err...lace punching ;) , just to let me know how much you liked the project, hmmm...the fact that you gals going home happy, that makes my heart smile ;) Isn't Laines the best place to be ;)
Thank you all for dropping by. Each and every comments, I place them in my heart ;)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

some things, they just don't stay the same...

they just get BETTER and SWEETER!!!

i think being part of Webster's Pages Team, we are being pampered, with so many yummy goodies.nice ;)

WP is having a swap with Tattered Angels and thus, we gals got to play with these ;) My parcel arrived yesterday ;)
Herez introducing the new WP's products ;)

I know I could just leave this at just that. and let the beautiful papers do the rest of the talking. But that would be only half the story ;) Head over to inspireMe to see more ;) There are prizes to be won too so do come visit us there ;)

Thank you for coming by ;)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a new dawn. a new day.a new birdcage.

New birdcage !!! i totally love it!!!

Am using this for my latest album done with Melody Ross Mini Album kit. I am in love with her pretty products. They seems to be made for me. {guffaws}

Album : You are Home To Me .

Album Cover.

Album Page 1

Album Page 2

Album Page 3

Album Page 4

Album Page 5

Album Page 6

Album Page 7

Album Page 8

Outing last Sunday
Had great time with the Lee Sisters and families. We had fun at the OMG so fun pool at Sengkang Sports Hall Thereafter followd by a great badminton session. and then kite flying!! no photos of my kite cox it din't fly. err...cannot fly.sob sob. But we realised that we don't really have to fly one. because we just have to look at the sky, the other kites
I am always so looking forward to outings like these. the kids had fun and so do the mommies. Always so much to much to eat {sigh}. all day
Thank you all for your bloglove.
and I see new friends aka fans here. Muackkk!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

January is jaz so fun ;)

Laines Papeterie : FEB {Lace} Class
Hello Friends,
Herez a sneak peek for Laines Papeterie Feb {Lace} Class. We will be doing a layout using the very new BG lace cardstocks, lots of fun with layerings and embellishing with pretty things. Keeping the colour sweet and vintagy, this layout will be for a 3hour session!!! Let's have fun !!

I sincerely thank you gals that have already signed up and for those of you that would like to do so, do buzz Laines at 63336831. okie? xie xie...

Bad Girls Project 52 - Challenge 8

Come join us at Bad Girls - Project 52. Challenge 8 is one of my very own fav ;)
Do check out here to see what the other DTs has created. I can't believe how gorgeous their projects are ;)
This is a 12x12 layout.Framed onto a zen wood frame. The focus here is on the colour. Using mainly white as the background, alowing all the happy colours to pop up ;) Attached a lil bird house that I've bought from Daiso. One of the bird is from CK Tang. another one is from the flea market.

As much as I love shopping at Laines, I am also always on lookout for niche items that I can't find at scrapbook outlets. Flea markets , Far East Plaza and Daiso fit the bill. Going around these places is just like rummaging through someone's room and finding gems in every corner. Am always happy going to Orchard Road, it's a retail street with huge malls and then am always excited to be at Far East Plaza, herez the place where you can find lil enclave offering unique and exclusive finds.

Endless thanx to all that come by ;)
Thank you for all the love ;) Makes me


Thursday, January 14, 2010

searching for... Butterfly Dreams

Yes this is me running lol. i have always wanted to take a pic like that,running on a long queit road.i don't know why lol. simon and i & sky were driving somewhere along Upper Seletar Road one fine day.and then I just said "STOP here, i want to take a photo". "goodness me" said simon. lol. and we did. a police petrol car happened to drive by i remembered, the policemen looked at us and then skyler said " PEE-POO Man"...yea, dax what he called them when he was younger. because the siren goes "pee-poo pee-poo".

anyway, itz a LO to remind myself about going into 2010, itz gonna be full of Butterfly Dreams. Yes, they are out there. somewhere.

LO "simple life pleasures" . . the photos i compiled here are full of happy images and of simple life pleasures that i would like to happen to me everyday.

Papermarket - Denim Album Class for FEBRUARY
and YES, this is for the Denim Album Class @ Papermarket. Using lots of pretty things and lotsa layerings to do up the cover and pages. As you can see, itz bursting with happy colours ;) I have put in so much love in creating this album and I hope you will like it. If you are interested to attend this class, please call Papermarket ;) and I thank you in advance ;)
My apology that I have been quite queit on the scrapping scene. I know many of you faithful 'silent readers' asked me about that in class ;) Yes, I want to give my best in the class projects I will be doing for PaperMarket and Laines Papeterie because you gals rock the class ;)
And not into any new design teams for 2010 so that I can focus on the existing teams that Im part of now, like very all time favourite Webster's Pages. Thank you Brandin and Terri for having me again for the new year ;)
And oooh, i spy new 'fans' . Endless thanxx for being a follower of my blog ;)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pure Grace

Hello again friends,
Welcome to my blog and if you are here from inspireMe, YES, Congratulations again!!! You found Pure Grace.

I am so in love with pink lately and vintage or baby pink are my favourites. When I see this paper, I know I am going to scrap a lot of my gal's ballet photos. Pure grace is what I would describe her when she dances, and thus this paper would be just perfect for that ;)


Monday, January 11, 2010

a new BABY

...and yes..if you're coming here from inspireMe..Congratulations!!! You found the Lullaby Lane ;)

This is just one of the beuatiful papers released in CHA in just a few days time. Lullaby Lane is one of the prettiest and cuttest baby lines I have seen in my years of scrapping. The soft colours and cute critters just make me smile.

I have lots of baby photos that I can't wait to scrap using these papers.

Now that you found us here, you need to find 5 other peeks hiding on some of the other Webster's Pages Design Team blog. First person to find all 6 peeks will win a collection pack...To see the clues for your today's HUNTING......go here..

Good luck to all and and fun!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...........................In The Swing of Things

Its been a tradition for many of us to begin a new year with nice resolutions ;) For me what comes to mind are plans and opportunities to overcome past challenges (for 09 have been tough, but ended nicely). When January comes around, we have the blank canvas, once again. For life like art, itz best when we {Create} from nothing and with lots of hopes and dreams. So come join us at {Create} Blog for this "Hopes and Dreams" Challenge.

I hope you and me will experience happier times in 2010. Cheers!

"Bearly Girly" is a page I did for Webster's Pages Jan GDT - Keri. She does beautiful work and I like how this scraplift turned out to be. This is also a gift for lil Rachell, for taking such good care of Faith during her many sleepovers at R's.


Layout "Tiara" is one of my very own favourite and I do hope that you gals at Laines love it too. It's a blend of shabby and Elegance at the same time. The flip up journalling behind the photo tells the story of my Tiaras.

LO " 4ever" is the second layout for the class .full of blings!!! It's a simple combinations of the colour brown,blue,pink and yello.and a touch of lime green somewhere ;)


A simple sweet diary that i adore the lil girly gal there. it's an altered notebook with nice printed pages that comes with dividers. Thank you all that came for the class ;)

I want to thank you gals for faithfully coming back to my classes each month. Makes me smile when I hear "Full-house" for Jaz's class, most of the time. I thank you gals who still come up to me after each of my class to say how good the projects made you feel. I believe with that, that's the reason that keeps me going. See you in my future classes.

In the swing of things, back home for sis's wedding, we sistas too, recall nostalgic sentiments all around and the reminiscence of the familiar. It's nice to be back home but at the same time, too difficult.
However, Im glad to be back home safely , reunited with simon and kai an dfaith....and oooooo herez my greatest loot from home. lol. retro bag from my ma who used to travel with this suitcase in the 60s-70s. look at tahe buckles!! Oooolala!

Thank you all for coming by. Thank you for following my blog, you gals are just the sweetest . muackkk!!