Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Look at these photos and you know what i mean about having so much fun with the gals. thx cla for hosting and her meesiam is just so yummy!!! how can someone who looks so pretty can cook so well?? teehee

The Augsome babes ....thank you girlies...

cel and jaz. so glad cel came along.... have been so busy with the old and new house but glad i joined the girls for few hours.

and on the scrap front, herez what i have been busy with...

Altered tin ;) featuring the new papers from Webster's Pages Hollywood Vogue;)

My 3rd pair of altered shoes for a lovely friend ;)

and something for JAZ...teehee...for my new room ;)

I had been cleaning, packing, and cleaning and packing for the last few days. today was full blast cleaning at the new place.i thank you friends for help rendered and contacts given which helped us in expediting the whole renovation process. my twin was a great help to me today and i thank God for blessing me with each and everyone of you. a pair of sweet lovebirds dropped by and bought us drinks.can that be any sweeter??
Thank you for coming by here and for being so lovingly following my blog ;) .im a boring girl without you gals ;).endless thank yous ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Life is beautiful with birds, flowers & butterflies...

Two Perle & ZY with lots of love from our family...

I have been so busy but having fun creating these, the birdcage and box and album ...they now belong to a beautiful couple ZY & Perle. Big day coming in October and Faith will be the lil flower girl ;) she's got her pretty dress already, so classy and elegant. Thank you Perle for the dress , thank you for being a dear friend to our family and herez WISHING YOU AND ZY A BLISSFUL MARRIAGE ;)

The LOVE Album ;)

Altered Birdcage ;)

Altered Box ;)

and here's a tweet gift for a sweet friend N, i so hope she will like this ;)

I spy new followers for my blog thank you ;)
And thank you for leaving so much love for me to appreciate and smile about ;)
my darling sky is busy nagging behind me "mommy itz my turn yet to play the computer?not yet? my turn? not yet my turn?? Why??"
so i must learn to share. and gotta say ttfn. see you again soon ;)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

PaPermarket : Jaz's Oct Prima Canvas Class

Prima Canvas Album : "sweet child of mine"

Hello there,
Here's sharing with you this fresh from the oven project. FUN album with lots of misting , embellishing and we get to play with the Prima stencils. hehe. Original sample going down to the store @ Papermarket City Hall later today ;)

See you gals soon ;)
Thank you for dropping by here and thank you foe following this blog mine ;)



Confirmation and Domo Arigato ;)

Jaz's Japan-Osaka Class ;)
I have seen these in Tomoko's blog today. am honoured and *sniff sniff* touched that the class is FULL. here's what Tomoko has written ;

"First of all, I would like to thank all of you for sending requests to Jaz's class!!! All seats are reserved:D I think Jaz will be happy to hear this!!! Looking forward to meeting all of you:D:D"



I am so looking forward and so excited to meet up all of you. Thank you for all the emails and my apology for not taking in more girls as I think 15 is just nice for me and Tomoko (tomoko will help me to translate) to handle and to have a successful session. so i have to say sorry to some that could not register for the class. Stil, i have to say thank you.
and thank you fellow Singaporean fren (hehe) for also ordering your kit ;) It's ready and I will contact you soon ;)

God Bless ;)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Laine's Papeterie: Jaz's Oct "friends are.."Album

Altered Fancy Pant's Chipboard Album :
"friends are angels..."

Hello my dear friends,
Am so excited to share with you my October Class project for Laine's Papeterie. We will be doing up 4of the inside pages, so that the frame stands at "V" ...okie, if my description is not clear LOL, the sample is already at the store. Do drop by and take a look okie. I thank many of you that already registered for the class. am so honoured and i want to say xiexie..thank you.
and.....................did you see the white birdcage?are you drooling?teehee
thank you friend C, for everything ;)
today i had another fun class. i feel like i actually met you gals for a friendly crop. because you all made me feel so comfortable, in many ways. i remember , when i had my first class, a year ago, i had to take poh-chye pills. {LOL}. cox i had butterflies fluttering in my stomach the whole time. on my 2nd class, a student asked me if i was already feeling better, i had to think twice because i thought the butterflies in my tummy were fluttering worst than before.
Today, i am glad that Ive caught the butterflies and they are landing nicely on the projects that i am sharing in class. and i like that ;)

and so its true that they say "......You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder"
I will be bz packing and shifting house soon. i duno where to start.....
i hope to see you in my next month's class and will miss you gals for now....
thank you for coming by to say hello and thank you ms shell for being my latest follower ;)
love loads,jaz

Saturday, September 11, 2010

GULP!!!! this the THE GARB...........

Thank you for letting me share.
my project layout "us" for the japan-osaka class is ready. herez the sneak peek. besides the yummy stuffs, i have also managed to get the 3d metal birdcage to go with this layout.
am also here to share these beautiful photos that i have just received in the email.from dearest friend Tomoko Takahashi. Tomoko is such a warm friend. she does gorgeous work ;) i think when i see her i will just kiss her. ok, just kidding. Tomoko has personally gone down to the cafe THE GARB to check out the place and when i saw these pics, my heart smiles.
I know i share about this before, this is a dream come true for me. i have come a long journey since day one i started scrapbooking. so much bitter-sweet. ive cried many times and i have squelled as many times too haha. today, am glad am to be able to share the love and faith of scrapbooking all the way to my fav Japan. i still cannot believe this is happening and i sincerely want to thank you all those that have made this possible ;)
I heard that there are friends from Tokyo enquiring about the class too. my apology that I am not able to conduct another class at Tokyo at the meantime. am so honoured though and I thank you all the same for your swit support. I really hope so I can do it in the near future ;)
If you have any queries about this, you may email me or Tomoko ;) Domo arigato gozainazta ;)

thank you all for dropping by and thank you for your messages sent to me with lots of love and encouragements ;)
Enjoy your weekend ;)
See some of you fab girls tomorrow at the "Not without my handbag" class ;) love how sharon named each and every of my classes hee ;)


Monday, September 6, 2010

" ......................................somewhere...

over the rainbow, way up high.............therez a place that i heard of once, in my lullaby..."

teehee...i just want to sing this's been one of my favourite songs. i want to sing because i am happy ;)

i want to thank God for His sent angels and the messages he send along with these angels. i will always be thankful and always counting my lil blessings in life. certain days when i feel so down but guess what, i don't even have time to think about the problems cox everyday i have been blessed with the simple joy from my kiddos and ...yes, friends , one after another, that fill my life with so much love. so it's true.."When your heart is freed, you feel happy"! teehee ;)

I hope everything is fine with everyone too. Herez sharing some layouts with the latest cha products ;) {except the 'twins' layout}.

Layout "twins"
Come and join us at {create} for some fun vintage challenge ;)

Layout "sky is the limit"
a scraplift from non other than the uber talented Christine Middlecamp, Guest designer for WP {september}.using the new WP Hollywood Vogue, Sweet Season and Waiting for Santa ;)

Layout "you SHINE"
thank you girly faith. you always give your best in everything you do and i love you so very much. you start talking the minute you wake up every morning and i will just smile and smile just by looking at you. i don't really hear the contents sometimes (oops) but i just love to watch you twirl your messy hair and how you make sure you tell me each and every details of which monsters chased you and which angels kissed you in your dreams.
but once we both cried when you shared about the dreams you had.and how much you know i love you. yes, i love you ever so dearly....

Layout "always SWEETheart"
Lil deon my goddaughter. you bring so much joy and love to everyone around you. thank you for all your smiles, hugs and always complimenting how much you love my eyelashes HAHAHHAAH! love you deon ;)

Layout "you are my EVERYTHING"

lil sky at about 6months mcritchie reservoir.{before we ran like crazy being chased by some monkeys lol}. dear sky, what should i say.just one word you complete our family.i love so "verry verry mufffffff" too ;)

Layout "Christmas 09"
" dreaming of a WHITE christmas"...humming this all the time i was doing this page lol. First time doing an xmas layout in august!gosh! but having lots of fun ;) i like this photo taken with simon.he's just so cute! keke..

and moshi moshi, THIS makes my heart smiles ;)

I hope all of you are doing fine. Last Saturday, I had the last class for my "Jaz Saturday Showcase" . We laughed so much and had such a tweet time together. am so glad that I get to know all of you better. Sincere thank yous once again . Here i would like to leave you with this.." is the messenger to the soul and life of art. as well as a master of creativity. art has no limit, neither has man pursuit in art...." . Let's continue to enjoy what we share and have fun along the way ...

thank you for dropping by and thank you for being a follower of my blog ;)