Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When i fall in love, it would be forever...

and then.....She saw him.and set her eyes on him.and then started to chase him. he ran like crazy.calling "mama mama mama". yes,asking for help. but....she caught up with him.and held him tight.and held his hands. his daddy said " i think my lil Fredda has fallen in love..." i think so too.
it all happened one lovely evening. at Harbout Front.
Thank you Fredda for your lovely company ;)

Monday, June 29, 2009

This is where...

i left my heart. it was a floating heaven.

The Water Hotel.

The Fishermen.

Faith and Deyna.

The stilt house.

The spa House.

My Kai.
Here, at Avillion Port Disckson, we spent some nice time together. Thank you simon for the wonderful time and fun memories.
We lost almost all the photos.sob, they were accidently deleted. but glad enough for some (above) saved...
Thank you for visitng. and thank you for all the well wishes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

im back

a page that i wanna focus on faith.she's such a darling.admire her being the real her.nothing to hide.free spirit. the you}nique her. when we had the meet-teacher session last week,the form teacher shared with us that half of Faith's class,abt 15 classmates chose her to be their title "My good friend". ;)

Mini album "we love everyday with you".for simon .for Father's day.

LO "Learn" is a layout of myself.a very young photo of me.taken when i was 21years old.

one of mt atf photo of faith taken at the Singapore Zoo,when she was 3.

a page for dear manis & George.a fab couple.

im back from the holidays.had a great one.but am down with fever now.so i can't yak much here. But i must thank all that came by and left nice comments.

thanks all for dropping by ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking a break from scrapping...

i wanna sincerely thank all that came by.and all the lovely comments on my photos. and even ask for more...that's too sweet i thot. anyway, herez some more to share.this time,taken by dh.we were at Lower Pierce Reservoir. as you can see,dh is too sweet.to bother to play along with my posing game.haha.
but i adore the pics he took for lil skyler. they are beautiful.and he has grown so fast.
tfl and have a blessed week to all.....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

GIRLS.......juz wanna have fun!!!

Hey there.Hows everyone and your weekend and sch holidays ? as for mine,it did not take much to get me excited. We had a fun filled week as you can see here. and first time playing with my new toy from dear hubby. So bz snap snap snap!
We had the girls, Faith and Deyna (my sweet niece) dressed up and we set up props for them at the park behind my house. We bothered to bring along pretty stuffs and did you see the cute lil old school bag from my pa? I juz like the fact that itz so old ;) itz oredy 40years old and am glad im the proud owner now ;)
and if you spy the blue-yelo pokee dot one,dax from godmaM to lil skyler.on loan to the sister.;)
BTW, these pix are WYSIWYG.....I have not retouch them with photoshops or etc yet cox still learning. Some lightings neeeeeeeeed to be adjusted and skills to be learnt. But for my first date with my Nikon, and the fab girls I am happy with what i see. I hope you like the photos too and thank you for coming by ;) im rushing off to church now so see ya again ;)