Saturday, July 31, 2010

A very special thank you note to...

a very nice and sweet gal, Shirly!!!

Well, as they said "Behind every succesful man, therez a woman"...Jaz would like to say "Behind every successfull class, therez a woman" teehee ;)

Well maybe more than one. I sincerely must thank Merdrey and Sharon too for helping out every now and then and always having a smile on your faces ;)

Shirly always help to pack my kits every month. to pack for 48 students per class is no joke. and when therez more than one class by me??? plus stampings more than 150 pieces of butterflies and 48 birdcages and 48 flowers etc etc etc on my behalf!!!! but she does a good job every month. i caught her arranging these one day when i dropped by. Shir, many kamxia!!! red ruby?? hee

and always wif big smiles and warm people around her ;) Thanx G and Shir for the nice makan we had together which we each put on an xtra kg lol !!! Thank you gals!
and TODAY i had my Glitter Class. Thank you all for coming. i mean, it's not easy waking up early on saturday mornings rite rite???! Thanks for making my class oh-so-fun!!! . I would also like to thank those that could not make it to my classes but faithfully buying the kits over the counter. muaccck!!
i came home today and simon was at the pool wif the kiddos. i was away for only 4hours but i felt like as if i was away for 4days oredy. lol. i miss them.terribly. ;) herez my Do-Re-Mi ;)

see lar, this cheeky boy.hee. {ooppsy din't clean his mouth after munch munch} haiz....

okie dokie i gotta go now. itz late. ive to wake up early for church tomorrow and then filming! simon's friend is filming us.i think for a documentory.on family matters. oh God, what should i wear!!!! lol
really gotta go. thank you for being my frenz. teehee.
have a blessed weekend to all ;)


Monday, July 26, 2010

it's that pretty lil cameo flower cabochon

Flower Cabochon. Jaz for you ;)

Pretty isn't it? I went yipee!! when Sharon gave me the green lite to order this for "Jaz Sat Designer Showcase" class. this pretty fella is not sitting on the album yet. but once the delivery is here. i will attach her nicely to the album ;) This birdcage project is gonna be a 'value for $' class with lotsa stuffs to play. ive invested much time in searching for nice trinkets and the birdcage itself is a unique piece! a description for this project would be "it's all in the details" ;)

and so i heard from Laine's and Papermarket that the four classes are all full. sniff sniff so touched, thank you ladies.for being super sweet ;)

for those who are interested but aren't any slots at the moment, please still go ahead and leave your names. once there's any availability, the gals from the outlets will call you okie? xie.

My Dream Garden House....
photo taken from here.

which brings the next sweet thing....the Sweet Season Papers
- new from Webster's Pages!!!

Soft and pretty! soft and pretty!....mmmmmmmmmmmmmelt...............!!

have a terrific Tuesday to all!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jaz Class at Scrapbook Heaven

Live Webinar Kit class
Date: Friday, August 27, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Scrapbook Heaven has put together this amazing bird cage project using a Maya Road chipboard birdcage.
This August Scrapbook Heaven will be teaching this kit live on-line thru our webcast site.How can you participate in this live class? Pre-order Kitbefore August 10th and order you kit from our store.Your kit will then be mailed out to you in time for our live show.
Then join us August 27th in our live webcast room And we will teach you how to make this incredible Maya Road project!!
Remember the deadline to order this kit is August 10th. Get your kit early as these kits will sell out quickly!!
Your instructor for this project is Jaz
When: Friday August 27th
Time: 7pm5pm (PST), 7pm (SST), 8pm (CST), 9pm (EST)(SST)
- Saskatchewan Scrapbook Time


Friday, July 23, 2010

I will start by saying THANK YOU...

Elegant Birdcage by Jaz Lee

28 AUGUST Papermarket Raffles City B1-27
4 SEPTEMBER Laine’s Papeterie Wheelock Place 03-12
2 sessions per day 9am – 1pm & 2pm – 6pm

We’re excited to announce the first installment of our
projects from the private stashes of local design talents. Their
very best works finally revealed for public inspiration!
Come join Jaz Lee’s as she WOW us all with this lovely
hanging birdcage created in her signature style that we all
crave for, the layering, fussy cutting and detailed
embellishing! Be prepared for lots of bling, flowers, butterflies
and lace as you spend 4 hours with Jaz up close and
personal! She will not only be showing you how to embellish
the birdcage in a sweet romantic style, you will also be
completing a matching 8-page mini album!
Spaces are limited. Call to register now!

Ticket Fee: $98, 4 Hours.

To Bring: Strong liquid glue, 3D foam dots, glue dots, ink for
distressing (if desired) and sharp nosed scissors.

Dear friends,

I will start by saying thank you. A year has flown by swiftly, and am pleased that classes that I design for Laine's Papeterie and Papermarket have been well-received, all thanks to the unstinting sweet support from all of you.

Thank you Elaine and Sharon for the opportunity for me to spread my wings and share this love of scrapbooking and receiving so much love and blessings in return.

Thank you friends that attend my class, friends that ever so faithfully coming by my blog and emails that give me so much words of encouragements ;)

So to all my friends, I hope to see you in the class and oooooooooooo, personally, I have a lil tweet surprise for each and everyone that will be coming to my class.teehee.
It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet. Let's have a joyful time together ;)



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'Unriddle 最火搭档’ {Zui huo Da Dang}

I got excited when i saw the footages of this upcoming drama , ‘Unriddle 最火搭档’' . because i will be appearing in two of the episodes. only a tiny mini so small role, as a mommy of a lost child Zach.........but all in the name of FUN FUN FUN ;)

You will get to see a very diferrent Chen Li Ping and an ultra cool chick Rui En! was great being with them on screen together ;) Unriddle debuts 4 August, weeknights, 9.00pm

The paycheck is here and im off shopping lol

Have a great Thursday to all ;)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dreams that I would like to share wif you for August...

i was at Laine's to submit my final project. it was like monsoon with palm tress sweeping the road. mom and i had a wet journey and we were happy when we got to Laine's. Shirley was taking my "MS Glitter class". As I walked in, i was unable to speak for the longest time. although i see very familiar faces and some new frens whom i wish to say hello to. and when i could find my voice, i controlled my tears and i managed to say "Thank you ladies,for making it to my class. itz thunderstorm out there, and to see so many of you girls here now, im so thank ful". I really do. Sincere thank yous to all that came and are coming to my classes."

Your kindest comments and emails has been so overwhelming. and to hear them in irl...sniff sniff...xiexie. {photo taken by merdrey}

Laine's Papeterie : Jaz's August Class

This is a one layout class. When Sharon passed me the kit to play with for this class i was delighted to see the pretty stuffs from GCD melody ross. and to play with the theme gypsy sounded a lil bit alien to me at first. but as i was working on this page, i began to had so much fun. i was very inspired by this dreamy photo. Thank you Amanda, for letting me use this gorgeous photo of yours for my class....

Do drop by to see the original sample at the store. As you all know, i LOVEEEEEEE butterflies. I like to play with them in different ways........see if you like the flying-journalling-butterfly on the page, as much as I do.teehee...

Endless thank yous...

Laine'sPapeterie : Webster's Pages : Jaz's August Class

Layout 1 : {the portrait of me}

Layout 2 : {my boy}

3 hours, 2layouts plus lots of fun! One layout with vintage pink and feminine touches, I will show you how to make flowers with the old storybook papers . Handmade flowers are beautiful accents on layouts ;)

The boy layout will be a slide of fun! check it out yourself..hint hint! answer : satay stick!!! teehee

Original copies are already at athe store too;) for registration, please drop by Laine's Papeterie or call us at 63336831. Thank you so very much ;)

PaPerMarket : August Class "Jaz & Merdrey"

this is just oh-so-very-Fun. we are doing it again!! A layout from me and a layout from Merdrey, 2sweet stuffs from two sweet girls ( er-herm)...lot's of fun with peek-a-boos and having fun with American Crafts ;). This is a sneak from my layout. Check out Merdrey's fabulous piece at PaPermarket ;)

Last but not least, something tweet is happening!! I can't tweet much about it yet. so do come back soon to get updated. Don't miss the FUN ! See you back here soon ;) At the meantime, this is all that i can tease you with now. see below...................*grin*

{img taken from}

Thank you once again for leaving lovely comments for me everytime you are here. I appreciate this scrapbooking journey that I travelled, and will be travelling with you gals each and every day ;)
Thank you Elaine and Sharon, for just everything....

Lots of love from,



Monday, July 19, 2010

my apology

im not sure why the internet is playing tricks on us @ this rental place.sigh....

Thus im unable to upload my class projects images as at now. itz taking me forever to just upload one layout.don't mean to make to gals wait..but once the connection is better, i will upload them. I hope to get out of the camel express soon!!!

Thank you for your messages and have a great week ahead ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

three lil notebooks and some noteworthy

im glad that i managed to do up these simple notebook for some frenz.while im still working on my Laine's August project which is special but still hush hush at the moment teehee*grin*. August will be an Aug-some month. i can't reveal much yet but im so honoured and pleased ...and I hope to share this simple happiness with you soon ;)
Laine's Papeterie : August Jaz's Webster's Pages Class
{sneak peek coming soon}
at the class layouts are out! Girls, Webster's Pages Class!!! Many of you have been asking and playing with WP itz like ive gone home to alma mata !!! With the WP papers sold out each month, I thought I won't have even a glimmer of hope to share them with you though I kicked off my 1st class at Laines (2009) with Webster's Pages. In August, am glad to be sharing with you these papers that I love most !!! 2 layouts 3 hours class. As Geogette said it " Jaz, if you want to slaughter us, slaughter us hard. we want two layouts!!!!" lol. Ive done a boyish page for the first layout and the 2nd one is a pretty feminine one. i hope you will like what you see.
Another two layouts that Ive designed for Laine's too . I will share with you the peeks tonite. rushing to go out now to bring ma for breakfast.
And oh, the original layouts are already at the store at Laine's Papeterie *wink wink* ;) Drop by to see them and I sincere thank yous from the bottom of my heart ;)
thank you for your bloglove;)
You gals are super duper sweet!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A cherry on top....and other cherry fun

Her love for anything Korean ;)
am so excited for my sis. Yes, My sis Lee Soo Fern on HERE;) she speaks Korean so well !!! so proud of her ;) teehee...

Her Kitchen

A simple gift for a friend who bakes so well. this is to encourage her and do drop by here to check out her yummy cuppety cakes ;)

Webster's Pages and ACOT had a cherry fun chat this morning. my apology that i went mia every now and then. my internet decided to die intermittenly just now. so here's my 3-step layout. the DTs are sharing the 3step layout from "simple-moderate-complex"

i have decided to use this photo of my goddaughter deon.we took this photo atthe park sometime back. she's such a princess ;)

"adore" {simple}

"adore" {moderate}


Yippy to the YWAV!!!

I would like to share with you this fabulous girls from the Youth Group at Queenstown Baptist Church. Bring along your friends on the last Saturdays of every month, for some awesome scrapbooking and cooking fun ;) You will see me if im there, or emeline...and of course the fabulous girls Dinah and Ellise. ..;) Hope to see YOUthful there ;)

Mom is in town and two days ago was her birthday. today is my pa's birthday. why is it that it's so difficult to accept the fact that he's not coming back at all. gosh, it's been 3years already...

Anyway, looking forward to a nice dinner with ma soon ;)

Ive got many projects to share but not now yet..itz hush hush till then.;)

Thank you so much for coming by. am happy to see old and new friends here ;) have a great Thursday everyone ;)


Sunday, July 11, 2010

a cherry on top of Webster's Page {wink}

Hello girlies,
Check out this flyer!i love how Dena did up this beautiful piece for a very sweet occasion ;) join us at the chat and let's have lots of cherries fun together ;)

and I want to thank you all for being the sweet followers of this blog of mine. i know I can't be found in many places in the scrapbooking world.but im staying faithful and doin my very best at what im doing and who i design for. so it's definitely happy to see so many of you dropping by and my follower's list has passed the 100th!! sniff so touched...endless thank yous.....

Have a nice Sunday ;)



Thursday, July 8, 2010

Webster's Pages Hollywood Vogue!!!

Grab a chair. sit down. and look at this beauty!!!Hollywood Vogue is one of the four brand new beautiful releases @ Webster's Pages CHA 2010. am in love!!!

drop by inspireMe, share your thoughts about the new products. and you may be one of the 3 lucky girls to join the Guest DT!!! See you there ;)

Thank you to all my precious 13 gals that I had fun with at the "white" class last weekend. my apology that we all had to squeeze a lil bit for we had a full house and am so fortunate to have one extra girly...thank you all for coming....

and as always, thank you for coming by my blog. One girly told me she drops by everynite before goin off to bed. sniff! am so honoured. you know who you are.i thank you for your sweet words .eveytime ...
There are many of you that I have not met before. but who are faithfully coming back for my classes. I want to say thank you too. and thx missy L, for your kind words when we bumped into each other at Laines. I always believe that we all can spread our joy and love through scrapbooking and am so glad im able to spread so much love and being blessed in many ways. Each and every comments from you gals, be it here or irl, mean the whole world to me.

please bear with my 'lo-sor' but sincere thank you speech here. lol
I wish you a great weekend ;)