Thursday, July 30, 2009

RAK ;) RAK;) RAK;) I would like to know you.better.

Hello to all my friends and my 23 followers. Awww i have 23 fans.thank you teehee!! I am feeling darn good. I have some good news to share too but not yet. no i am not pregnant lol.

I juz wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to all that faithfully drop by my blog. Thus, I have my first rak here at my blog. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you,.and I really would like to know you gals better...c'mmon i see friends from Japan and then Japan again and again and i see friends from Canada and Australia, USA.. and Malaysia..Brunei and everywhere else...I would like to hear from you ,if you could spare some time ,do drop by and say Hi ;) leave me a comment here.share with me....what scrapping means to you ;) by 30Aug 09. I would like to give a rak to one of the fab you;)

Cheers ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So happy to share these pages...

I have created these pages for Webster's Pages for sometime.And finally today, we are allowed to share them. I have a few more pages coming but my camera is having some problem thus I have not taken any pics of the others yet. The first page is of Faith and her fav cuz Deyna. Title " You are my rainbow.I like you....Faith and Deyna,Treasure your friendship, always "...
The second page,i use my favourite new paper from Webster's Pages.I love the colours and the peacock. Faith's dress actually has a lil peacock print and so that's why i decided to use this photo,yes again.hee. I had so much fun embellishing this page and i hope you like them. ;)
I will be back soon. Thank you for visiting ;)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful Webster's Pages

Check this out at inspireMe ;
and join us in the July Joyride ;)

love xx jaz

Thursday, July 16, 2009

...............the other day...

at vivo of our fav hangouts. thank you hubby for all the lovely shots. i have been so bz scrapping lately but i can't share them here yet.mostly are for August reveals and new products for CHA. Can't wait to share them with you here ;)
thank you all for your love.

from Maya with love...hehe

I received this award from a Princess. Her name is Maya ;) Thanks Maya. ;)The rules that go with this lovely awards are to:1) Thank the person who gave it to you.2) List 10 honest things about yourself.3) Pass the award on to 7 people.10 honest things about me.. So here they are~~:
1. In this life, i am blessed. to have simon as my hubby. for he completes me.
2. My head spin when i take care of my kidz!! but i totally adore and love them to depth!
3. I like friends. i have been blessed with many good ones!!
4. i hate hypocriates.they all should just "whooosh" and go away.
5. i have to go shopping keep myself sane.
6. scrapbooking ha s become part of my life now.
7. i love my pa.i wish i can have him back.
8. i like to's part of my daily keep myself fit.
9. i miss my hubby whenever he goes overseas.i will hide from my kids,and cry at one corner.hehe.
10. at times i worry too much.abt my kids,myself etc etc.but wif God's strenght, i will go by my days just fine.Let go and let God.
I hope you know me better now,and if you would like to play along,do link me up and share wif me your honesty will ya?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this post,i dedicate to my pa.Happy Birthday!

three years have passed,
and i miss you.ever so badly.
I see you in my dreams,
we laugh, we talk just like the good old days.
your face,that look,that smile...
your voice,still living in me..

in this life,our paths crossed.for you to be my pa,and me,your daughter.
i try not to talk about that i don't cry.
i try not to even think about you.for i don't want to cry.

but you lived in the moment,
and made them so beautiful that..
it is all so worth remembering.

i want you back pa. but i cant.
Thus i wish you love & peace,
on the other side.
Till we meet again...i want to let
you know,
you're the greatest pa and i miss you.bigtime.
Love you Pa. Happy Birthday.

Friday, July 10, 2009


i am so excited to share.that my apple card has been published. to be published in Stamping & Papercraft Magazine is a dream comes true.and to be published in Stamping & Papercraft's COLLECTION TRULY MY DREAM COMES TRUE. Thank you for the awesome opportunity. and NO, i did not bite that apple.

Layout "Love will keep us alive" is a layout i am sharing at {create}.Im hosting a challenge there. to share " a page with dad". this page has been published in the previous copy of Scrapbooking Memories. Hope you will join us at {create} ;)

Layout i did for my godsis & G. this is for Buzz & Bloom. Drop by their blog to see the step-by-step.and to see other inspiring pages by the design team.

Layout "Wickedly sweet". Also for Buzz & Bloom.

Hop over to inspireMe and join us for the July Birthday Challenge. My lil sky turned two.This lil cheeky monkey is too much fun ;)

Thank you all for coming by. I will come by your blogs soon and answer some of your queries here & there. Itz been a tiring ,bz but fruitful week. Today itself i have been so occupied. Met an old friend for lunch with my sis.and then rushed home to cook for the family. and then rushed off with Faith to her guzheng class. then came home and coached Kai. Din't pull my hair this time. Yesterday was krazy, tomorrow will be again. Sometimes i feel i am so tired but i thank God for His grace and strenght and i pray :
"Lord, Every breath i take,every moment im awake, i have Your way in me.I will with all my heart,all i have within me,i give You praise".
Sincere thanks to all that come by. I love all your comments.truly...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Itz been a ......Busy week

**{the first LO has been removed for pub} **The first layout has become one of my own favourite. i love the colours and the photo of me & faith,i adore it totally. I used some leftovers from my Scrap Heaven June Kit. I did it for a contest actually and then i decided not to participate for i have too many things in hand now and i getting very busy with kids too esp school has just reopen. Faith has started her guzheng class and she's enjoying it. i admire her determination. we just got back from the class and i realised the notes are tougher than piano's. she will need lotsa practising. i pray she will do well.
The second layout is of faith and deyna "together again". I never cease to amaze the friendship they have. i pray that they will continue to enjoy the friendship and lean on each other as they grow. The photos are cute.they had so much fun when i snapped those. check this out at Webster's Pages Facebook. and at inspireMe, we are having July Joyride. Come and ride with us will ya...;)
I hope everyone is doing fine. I so appreciate each and everyone that come by. I thank all that join my fan's list. You gals are the sweetest ;)
Have a blessed weekend ;)