Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ballet..

I hope you dance
I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens,
Promise me you'll give FAITH a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
I hope you dance like nobody is watching..

The Sweet Swans

Yesterday was an exciting day for the sweet girls. These few girls were picked by Ms Herlinda to perform at CityView Completion. They all had fun so did the mommies {chatting away}..

Thank you girls for making your mommies proud ;)

and Thank you all for being here ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love from Japan...

Layout "nanami {to tomoko}"
Featuring: Webster's Pages

Layout "Jaz's Class {from tomoko}"

Mini Album "Jaz's Class {from Tomoko}

Thank you Tomoko dearie for designing this beautiful blog for me! Im so so so very grateful and very happy that you take the time to do up my lil online nest for me ;)

A friendship that I will treasure . always. Thank you Tomoko ;)


Love from YOU

Just want to say thank you...for all these..

Thank you sweet Lulu {in tokyo now} for this STUNNING frame.

Thank you sweet E and S.A {so happen, also in tokyo now} for this lovely page I received last birthday. Shared in FB but not yet here teehee ;)
thank em for this sweet sweet page.

and my page for em ;)
Thank you fro the blessings and friendships ;)
Have a Fabulous weekend to all ;)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Papermarket and Laine's:Jaz's March 2011 Classes

LAINE'S PAPETERIE : Jaz's March 2011 Altered 7G Tray.
"memories made in Japan"

Altered 7G Tray.
The Small Vintage Receipt Holder has 4 clip sections. It can also be hung by its chain It is just at the right size for those of you tight on wall space... or you can combine a few for a gallery!

When Sharon assigned me this piece of tray I kept seeing it as a mouse trap. lol! I stared at it and stoked this interesting tray for awhile now. I have seen many gorgeous results from artists all around and I got inspired and did it the JAZ style ;) and finally ta-dah...the project is ready! And loving it too! I hope you like it ;) teehee ;)

So are you ready to play with this tray?

Please kindly call Laine's Papeterie at 63336831 for registration and just to let you know that I will be sending this project down to store on Wednesday ;)

Thank you ;)

PAPERMARKET : Jaz's March 2011 Webster's Pages 2-Layout Class
Layout 1: "love me"

This is a page with a sort of little mini album attached to the page. Telling the stories of the people you love, with multiple photos in one layout and creating a keepsake that will last for a long time to come. A page filled with yummy goodies and love ;)

Layout 2 : "believe"
Am having a little change of style here. Shabby yet clean and with cutouts to embellish the page and then soft misting...... I got excited when my mom told me how much she loves this page, when she came over last week ;) I like it too and I hope you will too ;)

You may call Papermarket at 63339007 for registration. I will also be sending down the projects tomorrow (wed). C ya!

Thank you everyone for coming by and am excited to see new friends here too ;) Sincere thank you and see you around and in the blogworld soon ;)

Lotsa love,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Joy Luck Club.Penang Place.LNY

When I was young, I always wished that I belonged to a certain groups lol although I was not a voracious reader but Famous Five was one of my atf. I admired the friendships that the kids had and how they team up for the investigations and laughed about Mr Goon, the policeman.

Five Sweet gals met last year and we were named the Joy Luck Club by Ken ;) Herez the three Joylites ;) My o my, my childhood dream has come

No Mr Goon today, but some fun and casual warm friends.E and A are missing here in d photos but we can't wait for the upcuming mee-siam gathering *hint hint* clara. Hope you are not too busy with "xiau chiang" lol

More pics up my FB later ;)

Thank you Joylites for all your love during good and bad times. These friendships mean so much to me.

In my scrapbooking journey I have been blessed with many precious friends besides the joylites and I appreciate each and everyone of you...

Here, I would also like to thank you friends for your beautiful friendships, near or far, I am so happy to have known you. Thank you all for coming by my simple blog and taking time to leave me some lovenotes. And thank you for being a follower ;)

lots of luv,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cherish These...

Layout "simply divine"
featuring WP Spring Market

And have your heard or seen this??
Papermarket now has their own line of flowers!!!!

co-brand with Prima Flowers! I truly heart them and here's the three pages I have done.Nicely beautified with these gorgeous flowers!!!

Layout "don't say...a word"
photo courtesy of" Yuzz Yusoff"
isn't she so beautiful?...

Layout " sweet day"
love this photo taken at Tokyo ;)

Layout " special friend"
Faith and cuz Deyna..
Thank you dearest friends for taking time to drop by this humble blog of mine. Thank you for your smses and emails and bloglove! I am doing so much better already. and Having you ask my friends, I can't ask for more!

Sincere thank you for following my blog. all of you have touch my life in a very special way. I treasure your friendships....cheers!


Laine's Papeterie and Papermarket
Valentine's Day Make & Take
Every Monday

Call us at Laine's: 63336831 or Papermarket: 63339007
Thank you.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Lots love,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Celebrating.............................Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year 2011
The Xu's Residence
thank you laokong for taking care of me and the family. we love you.
thank you laokong for this sweet pic teehee ;)
my sweet Faith and lil skyler and odie ;)
simon and his cello. always make me smile ;)
We ushered into year 2011 with much blessings and simple joy.
but Few days before cny, I was down with some very heavy news. But I know God has a reason for everything, in His time, in His way. With Hands to Heaven, I believe He will continue to watch over the family. amen.

Layout for TCR #44 "Sex and the city"..
Thank you godsis angel for this photo ;)

A scraplift for inspireMe FEB 2011.
with GDT Joyce aka Ashjoy. Thank you for the inspo.
Here's taking the opportunity to wish all my friends a Blessed New Year! May the year of Rabbit brings you much hippity hop fun scrapping, lots of good health and wealth!!

Sincerely would like to thank all that dropped by my page for the Webster's Pages Blog hop and leaving me with so much love to smile about. You all mean so much to me. Near or far, I appreciate all of you. so THANK YOU!

lots love,