Sunday, March 29, 2009

today i...

went to church.happy to meet my frensterM and saw my godson T.Met some lovely friends and went to the library which is a must for the kids. We then proceeded to visit granny in law,who is already 95years old. im happy to see her living her life in a simple way,and she's filled with peace from the Lord. Had my in-laws over for a simple dinner. Cleaned the house and am a very happy housewife now. Okay,im soree that this may be one of my very boring post wif darn boring housewife details.fullstop.

Here's a layout ive done using some leftovers from YSS's JB. and oooo love the rubonz from Fancy Pants that ScrapHeaven sent. Adore the pics that simon took for us.Tried some new layerings technique here and i think im quite happy with it. This layout is definitely heavy ;)

Thanks for all the words of encouragements dear friends. You gals are the best !!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

YSS March Guest Designer

I am so honoured that Erica from Yss remembered me.And invited me to be her Mar's GDT. Awesome stuffs to play with. What better way to embrace March with such lovelies from JenniBowlin Studios...with great range of patterned paper, journalling pads, alpha stickers and more. So thank you Erica.
Don't forget to check out YSS for upcoming GDT spots and have fun with all the exciting challenges going on there ;)
So how is everyone? Thank you for all your concern. I am doing better now. Baby Skyler is so much fun. He just make me smile ;)
Kai & Faith are getting busy with exam coming up soon. So mummy gonna be busy as well. Hope to scrap to keep myself sane during this period. i thank this hobby and friends all around me for being there for me..all the time.
Thank you for coming by and thank you for taking some time to leave me some love. Blessed Wednesday!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Live in the NOW...

i think i like this title. i have been pondering too much i guess. i gotta enjoy every single day and be happy. maybe am just too stress about too tiny puny things in life. okay i gotta let go!
I have been so busy.for Kai & Faith were so sick last week.then me. hubby was away to Japan so i put on my cape for 15days as a supermummy and kept on chanting "i will not cry" lol. of course i did not cry, for God was and is and always will be with me. Hubby home after 15days and I got a one nice great gift from him. Am so thrilled with it. thank you hubby!

i had my first class at Growing Paints last week.we had fun. learnt lotsa stuffs at this new place.
If you are in Singapore on Easter Friday,come and join us for Easter's day activities.The kids gonna have so much fun .

i want to thank everyone that dropped by. and left sweet messages for me. i truly appreciate each one of them.and gets excited whenever i see new comments. i thank friends like Michelle and Joenna and Janice...and many of you that come by ever so often but don't leave any comments at all....i want to say Hello!
Blessed week to all.

My 6th photo

Creative B Bee tagged me. Herez the 6th pic in my 6th folder. I din't realise i had this cute photo! and it was captured by my Kai. Photo taken at Bintan Resort. How fun and so,now Im tagging 6 of you gals. Show me what you have at your number 6 ;)
M,Elaine,Shirley,Edleen, Mica, Rachael.

Friday, March 13, 2009

ten a.m.

cover page

last page

the accordian

This is one of the coolest projects that I have done for Buzz and Bloom ;) I had fun creating with the Buzz and Bloom mini series here. I am definitely tickled pink with the ACR THE MINI SERIES: The George - Bubblegum.
First, I adhered 3 of my photos onto cardboard. Then I punched holes at both sides of the photos so that they can connect to each other, to create an accordion album.
I cut the Nautilus Scrolls in half, painted them with turqoise paint and used them to decorate the cover page. For the title, I used CB TMS: That 70s Alphabet painted in red.
Using the oh-so-gorgeous CB TMS Frills, painted in lime green, I framed corners of the photos. And for the middle piece, I framed the whole photo with them. And for the last page, the back cover, I added details and the journalling.
The journalling reads:
"26 March 09 ,10am"
"10.00 am: I asked if you would take a photo with me for it was Chinese Lunar New Year Day. You said "Not again Mommy" and you teased me.
10.02 am: I tickled you for making funny faces at me.We both had a good laughed together till our tummies were cramp.
10.05 am: You then agreed to take a photo with me.You gave your best smile.The photo turns out great.Don't you agree?"
Thank you for looking and thank you for visiting Buzz and Bloom Blog.

Monday, March 9, 2009


i have something to share.and that is my love affair with Webster's Pages is going strong and sweet ;) The first layout is of Faith. Love this photo we took at Bintan Lagoon. I wore that cute hat on my honeymoon to Mauritius more than 10years ago.Now itz hers.
I altered a Danish Cookies metal tin.To keep the lil white lacy dress I got as a gift.For someone special. TFL...
Thank you for looking. I gotta run for Faith is unwell.i promise i will be back soon ;)

Growing Paints and Me

I have been invited. By the founder and owner of Growing Paints, Eric to be part of them. I am honoured and excited. Everything is still fresh so i hope to share more in my future postings. But I know i will be working on a huge Easter Day Project. Wish me luck ;)
Herez some of my work being showcased at the lil kiosk assigned to me. i like it,i have nicely decorated it the other day. I will have more of my work at the outlet located at the B1. Eric is doing up some revamp today. I will be goin down with somemore of my stuffs when Faith is better. She's been down with fever.and Yikes,mommy is terribly busy...
If you are around Leisure Park, Kallang.Do come and visit us.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Im kinda rushing now.But I would like to share these projects that Ive done for ScrapHeaven. The March Kit is fabilously gorgeous and perfect for preserving your precious memories. For more details on the kit,do drop by Scrapheaven.
Tfl and thanks for coming by.Have a Gr8 week to all ;)