Friday, February 27, 2009

My Faith,her Ballet and the Hungarian Dance...

I just got back from the Ballet Dance Open House that Faith is in. and OHHHH now then I found out that she is the youngest in the class.But she amazes me truly,with her strenght and showed me the beauty of the ballet dance.So much so that I almost stood up and danced with the awsome girls. They make me believe that ballet rox! and the Hungarian Dance,gosh so cute!
And therez happy news for mommy and Faith,she has skipped her Primary 1 level and is currently in Grade 1. The latest news from Ms Herlina, Faith will be skipping Grade 1 and proceed to Grade 2...............i Thank God for the good news. All my hardwork *perspire* of sending her to the lessons every Saturdays seem to be worthwhile....Thank you for letting me share this piece of happy news. Have a great weekend to all ;)

My girl and her WINX CLUB

What a fun and colourful page I have done for BnB.
This page is definitely my dd's favourite!! The ACR Analog Alphabet in Neon Pink adds a BANG to the layout!! I broke the frames of the ACR Analog Alphabet in Neon Pink to frame the photo on my layout. Then I tied colourful ribbons onto the alphas and adhere them to the bottom of the page, which I first painted black. Love the outcome ;)
Thank you for visiting Buzz and Bloom Blog and thank you for coming by my blog here ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{too} beautiful kits from Scrapbook Heavens

Home and Garden Kit .....Only 17.99!

MARCH WINDS....Only 24.99 and even LESS if you join the Angel Kit Club!
We also have some amazing FEBRUARY specials going on right now!BUTTON BLOWOUTPurchase $20.00 or more from the SH store and receive a Bonus pack of buttons!Expires 2-26-09**Insert February Special into the Comment box at checkout to receive your buttons! **EXCLUSIVE**ANGEL CLUB MEMBERSPurchase $20.00 and recive both February Promotions(Buttons AND Crate Paper)Expires 2-26-09

MY PA always...MY HERO

I am so glad that finally i got over the inertia of updating my blog.Sorry for the silence. I guess partly it was because of this sentimental layout that I was gonna post about. Plus this week is a sad week ,for last nite we lost our aunt who was my pa's sister. Struggling with sad issues and phone calls all over from HK to kl to AS.Trying my best to lend my ears to all the sob sob stories. It's nite time now,im so tired too.
This is a layout that Ive done for a challenge by the uber talented Irene aka BlueBanana @ MWL. Im using a wedding photo that I've taken together with pa before we marched in the aisle @ Rasa Sentosa Hotel. Im fortunate enough that pa was there with me on my big day then.
Thank you Irene for this challenge.My pa is no longer around and i miss him so badly that I din't dare to scrap anything about him.Im glad that i managed to hold back my tears while doing this page.This will be the most precious page among my hundreds of pages done.
Journalling " Pa,Thank you for being such a great dad to me for 33 years.You taught me so much abt life.Though you are no longer around,your love and legacy live on in me.You have been my Hero in many ways and always will be. You will always be in my heart.Pa,I miss you.Thank you"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

THIS...makes me happy

I love my family. I feel blessed when i look at the photos we took together during the cny 09. it was a busy cny ,a tiring one,but somehow i enjoyed it.and decided to do up this frame.i don't usually scrap about my cny...

I like to alter frames. I like the messy ones, where the designs are messy. too messy for their own good..Don't you just love this lil new bird cage of mine?it's so cute that i can almost hear it tweet tweet-ing away tee-hee!
i hope everyone is doing great.Have a blessed week ahead ;)

Random self-portraits

okie okie i know i am classified as a vain pot.just bear with me.tee-hee!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Shania

I have this cute lil niece by the name of Shania.and she calls me aunty sunshine. {sweet long story to dat ;)}.and a few weeks back she told me she wants a piece of my hutwork with birdies on it and i can't be happier for ,I have been having this love affairs with birds and birdcages.and i have been wanting to make one that is with bird nest and bird eggs for practically forever and then now i am so happy with the result here.I "heart" the colour palette and was drawn to the soothing shades of cream,pink and blue. The birdcage acts as a potpouri basket.
o yes,am also being inspired by the talented DT Jennifer at BG Proj 52-Proj 4. Don't forget to pop over to the BG Blog when you get a chance because Jennifer is sharing her beautiful project there.
I've been creating like crazy lately, I've just been so inspired lately.My atf would be still K&CO and Webster's Pages. Thank you WP for the much needed eeeeeeeeeeeekkk cute blue pompom.
I hope Shania will love this as much as i have enjoyed creating it. Thank you all for looking and thank you for coming by ;) Blessed Weekend to all ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BnB DT Proj {calender holder}

This is posted at Buzz and Bloom.
Ready to embellish? You'll crave for these chipboards! Anything is possible with these awesome products. I had fun creating with this CB Turn Turn Turn: For Every Purpose - large.
1) Adhere patterned paper onto the two circled boards.Leave the piece with a window for the bottom.
2) For the top piece, adhere an overlay. Distress the photo and adhere onto the overlay. Break the ACR Beaded Curtain: blueberry and use the pieces as frames on the photo. I used the little crown from CB Tabbed Book Kit: Princess Sparkle. Painted it white and then edges with red ink.
3) I embellished the page with CB Arboretum: Seedlings (painted white) and flowers and other embellishments. The fun here is to be creative in your own way ;)
4) Next, I punched two holes onto the bottom and top of each circle. Used thread to tie them up and then used my pair of earrings to cover up the holes and to act as decorative items here.
5) For the second piece, adhere an overlay and your mini 2009 calender onto it.
6) Here's the interesting part. There's a little window hole on the second piece of the CB Turn Turn Turn: For Every Purpose: large, I used a little metal birdy to clip on it and embellished the page with cutouts and other embellishments.
I hope you enjoy creating your new year project. Have Fun!

Photos taken on the last day of cny 09

me and Singapore Girl ,my godsis 'Manis'.Can't wait to meet baby in few weeks time ;)
me and twin suzanne.STEAMBOAT !!! at her house ;)

Faith met her twin ;)

My precious kiddos with my godchildren Dillon and Deyna ;)

Cheers 2009!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good girls go to Heaven,Bad girls go everywhere...

"This Week Guest Designer is....
Jaz from Singapore!!! Congratulations Jaz! Dena was blown away by this project, here are some of her thoughts on Jaz's project....
"You know that feeling you get when you see something so beautiful, it takes your breath away? That is the feeling I get when I see this beautiful work of art by Jaz. Her project came together so wonderfully it is literally breathtaking. From the feminine touches with all the florals, to the hand cut work, all the way to the bird AND a birdcage. This project has it all. It tells a story and invites you in to read it. And once you get there, you are instantly hooked and want to turn the page to see what else lies ahead. Jaz's Dream project is heartfelt, inviting and inspiring. It makes me want to go out and create something fabulous. So thank YOU Jaz for sharing in Project 52 and providing a source of inspiration for us all to walk away with."

I am grinning from ear to ear.So excited that for once,my mom will be so proud of me for being so bad .....over HERE ...!!! Thank you Bad Girls for this awesome opportunity and thank you all for coming by ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

SBM Pub and being featured x3...

I have not been sending much of my work for pub lately.But am so happy to see my To-kyo-to page @ Scrapbooking Memories Vol 10 No 8. Thank you for letting me share ;) Fresh from the oven "this is my love note" book using Maya Road Chipboard Album and of course my atf Webster's Pages products. and don't you just love that lil vintage girl standing queitly there ?? ;)

One of the exciting news I am sharing here is that I am being featured at 3hotspots for Feb.
Firstly, Thank you Krystal Hartley who says that "Jaz and paper were a match made in heaven". er-herm er-herm....Thank you Krystal for making me famous here at Sweet Shoppe Community. More layouts to come throughout the next week. ..and that really keep my adrenalin pumping!!! Am amaze with how the talented gals gave mouthwatering details in their scraplifts )
Secondly,Thank you Dawn Simpson and Julie. I am here at Inspirational. Flipping with joy that i am alongside with so many other talented gals.
Lastly,Thank you Melanie Edwards. I am so honoured that,again,am goin to be made known to the scrapping world at this inspire awe MojoHolder ,on one of the coming Fridays. Isn't that cool!! but am too excited to keep queit so am sharing it all!!!
thank you for letting me share and thank you for coming by.So much love left for me and i truly appreciate every lil bit of it. have a blessed weekend!


Sharing some fav pics ;)

Faith,Hannah and Rachael.
Pretty in pink...Deyna,Shania and Faith.
Joenna,Phylis and me and lil sky (juz woke up).lunch at FE Nana Thai.

The girls rule,the boys drool...;)
Simon & me.Darry and Larry (the twins) with wifey.. Jennifer and Wendy.

me and frenster M.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 all you need

i have always loved to work with bird cages.and this lil turqoise bird and the gorgeous bird cage i found at the flea market is truly one of my best finds...
and oooo Bring your scrapping projects to life with Webster's Pages , magneticExpression board . The elegant 12x12 board definitely will enhance any scrapeer's collection. So much i can do with it and i just have to tell myself to stop before the board burst!! lol!!
and inspired by BG Project 52 {Proj 3} ,in this project I just want to remind myself on how beautiful my family is and to continue to DREAM the dreams with them. And along the way,to remember to capture all the memories we are goin to share together in many years to come. thank you for looking ; )
btw,im so thrilled to see my Webster's Pages Feb Challenge already up at Pubcall.that is,with my full name printed!!! teehee!
Blessed week to all ;)