Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scrap Heaven June Kit

Layout "2Gether"
Journalling" Mommy wants you to know how glad i am to know that you both have each other in good and bad times. There are many a time that mommy is so occupied with baby and daily chores but you both just occupy each other's world in many ways.Do cherish each other in the many days to come"

Layout" Hands to hold"
This layout is for my twin sister.after my pa passed away we found that he developed more than 10 copies of ths fav childhood photo of me and suzanne. a photo taken when we were about 3years old,at a park called "Garden" in my hometown. This page holds lots of fond memories of the twin's life journey.

Altered 7Gypsies journal book "Memoirs"

Layout "a sweet life".Photo taken at Nakamanda,Krabi. Miss that trip. Had so much fun.

Layout" Wish"
Journalling "Stay happy and healthy and know that you mean the world to me"

Layout" Stay Happy"
was down with an illness last year,but am thankful to be where i am today. The Lord watches over me and each and everyday i thank Him for guiding me in so many ways. I have my hubby and children to thank for without them my life will be so empty"

Check out the beautiful bright and cheerful from ScrapHeaven!!! could not stop creating and had so much fun.
How nice to have perfect snapshots to always rewind. Thus,thanks to scrapbooking, for it helps to capture moments and pieces of our lives dat may otherwise be forgotten. I am happy to have this part of my life dedicated to the art of scrapbooking. And along the way, meeting so many wonderful scrapping friends that i treasure so much.
I may have a piece of good news to share soon. at the meantime itz hushhush ;)
TFL....and Thank you all for coming by.Love loads,

introducing...His & Hers

This is HIS!! Here it is! A cool gift hubby got this cool stuff for drooling away but...nevermind...!!

this is HERS! hubby made me the proud owner of his previous love. Am soooooo happy though am not sure how the camera works yet lol!!
and this is what i got from Laines Papeterie's close door sale over the weekend. Think this will be my temporary camera bag .Also. already made an appointment with hubby and my 3kidz on the coming wednesday for a photoshoot session.Can't wait to play!Thanks for letting me share. and thanks for coming by ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

our SUNday

i think i love this perfect shot by my simple sony cybershot.

and the gold medalist...

and another....

Faith among the other hundreds of kids. I thought she would back out by being alone as bro not running along but hey she did it!! so proud of her !

Mommy HELP!it's hot!

Happy smile from papa ;)

Our last SUNday.Had a HORT day at the Padang. Kids were perspiring 3pails each. me 5. but it was a proud day for papa & sky ran 700m. so did Faith,all by herself with the other kids that she did not know.Thought that was very sportive of her. We ended the day nicely at Kenny Roger's after that. my atf dining place ;) plus of course a couple of ice-creams!!!
Thank you all for coming by again.Have a blessed week ahead. See you here on June 1st with my reveal for Scrap Heaven. ttfn ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

wooooooo .....What a HOT saturDAY

This morning was one of the mornings that the family feels like having our breakfast at the park. We tapao aka packed our fav food and went to the McRitchie Reservoir. Gosh it was HORT!!!
But kids had fun. Am glad to enjoy the serenity of the place. and while simon was walking with the kidz, i was alone for awhile and looking at them from afar,seeing the happy family that i have... with 3kiddos now (although i always think im just a mommy of one,and then when i see three around me, i wanna flipped!! but then,after that i never fail to smile and thank God for them).
I guess i managed to sort out some thots. That I know i worry and can't let go of things when i think about things that relate to my children. But am glad when i met them again after that at the exit, i ended up with happy and hopeful thots that those worries can never overwhelm me because my need to protect my children is so great. I want my children to know, how deeply I care for them.

Though it was super duper hot, am glad i managed to take some pics,especially with each and every child of mine. It's a nice family outing.
I hope you all have a great weekend too. Thank you for visiting ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

u know how glad i am to be back...

a lil musical boz that was given to Faith as a gift 5years ago. I altered it with Webster's Pages beautiful paper.How i love Faith standing there greeting me once the door is opened.luv that smile!
She's been waiting for such a long time to see this. Am glad she loves it.

Oooops i did it again was a layout i did for ScrapHeaven Pop Music challenge. A layout that i did on lil Skyler minutes after he was born,i especially love this pic whereby we have not even cut his umbilical cort yet!So raw and fresh !
!Journalling" I promised not to have another baby when i had Kai 8years ago. But i did it again with Faith and then Sky. Im glad however that the Lord allowed me such courage and then pop out you (sky) came. And with this courage, i am once again be a mother.for the 3rd time"

This was the frame that i did for ScrapHeaven's mini class "A picture worth a thousand words".The top piece was slightly altered from the 2nd frane.

a lil prima tin box that i did up for jas,a very nice friend of mine. hope she likes it.
I hope everyone is doing fine. Once again thank you for all the lovely comments. So appreciate each and every comments.always make me smile!

Guess exam week is coming to an end for most of our kids.Kai and Faith came back with grades that I am happy with. *wiping off the perspiration from my face*. and as for mommy, YEEE-HUUUU back to scrapping!!!
If you wanna try for the Design team and card Designer at scrapheaven,check out the infos here. And there's a My Mind's Eye Challenge goin on too.
btw, wish Faith goodluck ;) Faith is going for an audition tomorrow at Mediacorp.Apparently a kind friend there, sort of "spotted" her and arranged for the audition. So sweet of J. but Faith may not be so well versed in Mandarin but i guess we will just give it a try. I think i will be the one that will pee in the pants ooopps!
Well, i hope my scrapper friends are enjoying scrapping and the non-scrappers are enjoying your everyday life. Have a great Wednesday to all that come by ;)

some updates

These are two of my so-called latest collection of rings. When i met them they were screaming out loud to me. i know they have to be mine. Love the vintagy feel of them.reminds me of my pa.

And happy 1-month birthday to lil baby clarice wherez the baby?lol.zzzzzzzzzzzzz-ing away so herez the proud mommy denise, my awesome godsis. and look at the cake.someone scrap it with cute lil milk bottles and pacifiers.can it be any cuter??

Saturday, May 16, 2009


A page that i did for Buzz and Bloom. Do drop by to see the step-by-step instructions here with more pix. I like this photo of myself,er-herm.....well,simply, it's a photo that will remind me to be happy.always. Journalling" Allusion : to have a perfect beauty like mona lisa i wish to be.But i am not and don't yearn to be.For i am a truly blessed mommy to my 3beautiful kiddos. and am a blessed wife to my hubby simon. and i hope to be better a better person, each and everyday.
On mother's day,huby sent me a msg.which brg tears to my eyes. saying how much i mean to him and the children.(the rest...mmm..hush hush..)and the word "stay happy" makes me cry.i know i worry too much at times, but i promise i will go by my days being happy. And to hubby,i want you to know that i will not be able to be who i am today without you.For you complete thank you.
I was hoping to share with you some pix,but darn me don't know how to upload them to the temporary pc im using. itz a gorgeous gift from hubby,from Swatch Bjourx.muackk.and my dream cake from Gelare.muackkkkk! and a nice dinner at vivo. all mean so much to me.
and...Thank you girlfrenz E and J,for your mother's day gift. What a pleasant surprise to have the beautician up my place to do up my lashes!just shhweet!*eyes rolling *
and thank you kai & faith for your beautiful cards and to lil skyler..thanks for your "i lerbb biu".
yes,from being away for a solid one month,now im like posting two times in two days.krazy. thank you all for coming by.Have a blessed Sunday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here comes....Webster's Pages DT Reveal

Layout " a wish comes true".
Using my ATF photo of Faith for this gorgeous ever so gorgeous papers! love the papers to depth...

Layout "toGETher".
A layout using a photo taken by simon last year at the 2008 Airshow. Simply love the moment captured while i was having a talk with darling Faith. "toGETher" here means TO actually GET HER, I have to really talk to her.Sharing our everyday stuffs with her.

Really helps with our bonding. I just want her to know that i really love her so much ;)

altered birdcage." Ma, Im not a chicken".. Birdcage aka candle burner bought from Lim's Art.

It's been awhile since I last came by here.How i miss my own blog tehee! I wanna thanks "fans" (teehee!) that came by and left so much love for me. My pc is down and Im sobbing away. but Halt! hubby gives green lite to buy a new one! so woohoo ...Im so thrilled! Can't wait!

Im at a friend's place now. updating whatever that i need to.Here's some stuffs that Ive done using WP gorgeous products! Hope you like them as much as i have enjoyed creating them! Do come by inspireMe and drool at what the other DTs have done for the reveal. ;)

TFL but I think the img here is sooo small which i seriously seriously do not know why. so do drop by inspireMe to view my img and the other DTs. and share your projects with us ;)

Talk again. Lotsa lOvE;