Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jaz Up Your Thursday

I fall in love. again. this time with MM Vintage Groove ;)

...and so i got my set from Papermarket last Saturday. I came home and started working on this piece. im a paper person and this seems tricky for me lol. but am glad this necklace turns out to be what i like. i hope you like what you see too ;) This is what im sharing at Laine's Blog {Jaz Up Your Thursdays}.

@ Alan Lim's Studio
these are very raw. straight from the camera. still lots of editing to be done. but too excited to share wif you that im loving them oredy ;) teehee...
fyi, i climbed so high lol. for the first photo....
and my dear frenz and sistas, thank you all for being so excited wif me too. i see all your smses and emails and i will sure share the pics wif you gals ;) esp manis!!! my sweet manis ;) ..thx so much ;)
and once again thank you alan, for everything you did . awesome opportunity to work wif you ;)
i am so thankful to have you gals dropping by here. ever so faithfully ;)
thank you new followers too ;)
God Bless.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dreams and hopes...

I came home wif extraordinary thick make up yesterday lol. and i decided to have these 3 pix taken from my own cam....i love to capture myself lately. i guess itz because i have only a few years b4 i turn sweet 40.laugh out loud.

another of my butterfly dreams came true yesterday .it was a day to remember as i had the opportunity to work wif none other than the uber talented senior photographer from ST, alan lim. he approached me sometime back for a photoshoot and i had fun at Botanical Garden . he got my feet wet and muddy but it was all worthwile. am so looking forward to see the photos.

my precious album.
Sharing pages from my 'making memories' album. with some of my very favourite family photos. im glad i did up this album where i get to journal all about the dreams and hopes .of simon and the kidz.
Faith helped me packed up the house yesterday which I was so touched and kai came back from school and washed up the dishes. *sniff sniff* my children has grown up. im so going to miss them next time...
Scrapbook Trend wrote and would like to feature this album. am honoured. will share somemore about that later ;)

Thank you all for coming by and your lovely comments make me smile.all the time.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

enjoy every second of it...

Three projects for Papermarket- Plaza Singapura ;)

Introducing Papermarket May 2010 : Jaz's {me} Maya Road Canvas mini album
i truly enjoyed making this lil feminine {me} album. i enjoyed every second of it. Playing with layerings, hidden pockets and journallings and detail work. i hope you will like this album as much as I have enjoyed creating it. You may drop by Papermarket to register . thank you so much...

Prima Album filled with lots of Webster's Pages Goodies. I want to thank Elaine & Sharon for this awesome opportunity to be with Donna Downey last month. HAd fun with Donna and the gals ;) and, i had the opportunity to have hDonna's signature on this album of mine ;)

Webster's Pages parcel arrived few days ago. everything inside makes me happy. this beautiful album "making memories" is full of family treasures. i will be sharing the inside pages soon okie ;)

I love shoes. im superficial.whatever - rubi
HaHa. if you are an ardent fan of rubi, this sounds familiar to you. got the shoes at only S$10.happy. came home, altered it.happiest ever...
this photo is a lil bit dark , but i just want to show you gals the 'before-after'...

i think i like how they turned out ;)
i want to confirm that i enjoy every second of my scrapping life. you gals i meet in this scrapping journey. awesome.
i always think my website is in spider but everytime i go the the class, im glad to hear that you gals drop by ever so often. i want to thank you , on behalf of Laines Papeterie, Papermarket and personally, thank you for all your sweet words. sweet support.

thank you for all the bloglove. each and every comments, mean so much to me.



Friday, April 16, 2010


Our family got pubbed!! teehee... in The Straits Times. April 4th. Life moments...with superdad .....Simon!!!! best dad best loukong teehee...

and .........These are the projects of mine that you will see if you drop by Papermarket Plaza Singapura....whatt? PS? yes!!! yippy! Once again huge congrats to Elaine for her new awesome branch. my full admiration for this mother of two, and a proud owner of three scrapbooking outlets!!!

am honoured to see my projects alongside the other talented DTs projects at the store ;)

I wanted to share more .but my laptop ...haiz...camel that's about it. see u gals around. have a blessed weekend. thanx for dropping by here ;)



Sunday, April 11, 2010

more peekaboos...

Laines Papeterie May 2010 : Jaz Class : Going Vintage

Layout {1} : "memoir..."
Layout {2} : "her story..."

Bad Girls March 2010 Kits. my Project "little nyonya"
Hello there...
i haven't been here for i was bz trying to complete my projects and assignments. these are only some of them..the rest are...hush hush for now..;)
am happy and excited to share with you the above class layouts for Laine's Papeterie : Jaz 's May Class. Please do contact Laine's Papeterie, if you would like to find out more about the class. We thank you in advance for your support and all ;)
Yesterday I had fun with the gals at my class. and i thank you for your endless words of encouragements and being so sweet.att.
and i sincerely thank all that come by and dropping love notes for me. i thank you for following my blog teehee ;)

Have a fab fab week ...



Monday, April 5, 2010

April Full of Stories

Sneak Peeks for Bad Girls Mar 2010 Kits

Layout 1 " sweet child of mine"

very excited to share my first ever projects for BG Kits. love the kits so much ;)

Layout 2 : "beauty..."
Hello frenz,
my trip home was really a nice one. it was also filled with so much memories of my pa. we had the qing ming and pa must be proud that so many of his daughters and son in laws went home for this occassion which he deemed so important when he was around. we were very happy for the LEE sisters that managed to meet up for the reunion. so much laughters and fun especially from the eight kids!! and then we all got sad when we started to clean up pa's old house. we spent hours and hours together tearing up all the old docs and cleared the house to almost ground zero. the house is to be sold. we took some last pics together (not posted here cox all red eyes sob sob) and said goodbye.
herez some precious stuffs i got from home. my mom's retro bags ;)

some of our childhood storybooks!!! so glad to have found my old piano manuscripts and yeh!!! my pinochio pop-up storybook!
and am a proud owner of these vintage photos. especially those of my pa on his big bikes.

We dropped by Perak Tong Cave @ Ipoh. It has my pa's last name "Tong". so meaningful somehow. Bro in law brought us to Ipoh for nice lunch and white coffee. but we could not find any ipoh horfun lol. and so we heard that there's no such menu in ipoh. btw, this was a break from the journey from kl, before driving up to alor setar. we all got bored in the car . smokes were coming out from our butts oooppssand was glad to get out of the car for a breather. as you can see in the photo. GOSH! i so can jump! and i so love this photo and i love the man who took this photo. he always do such a good job with snapshots like this. muackk simon!
1-2-3 JUMP!!!!!

in kl. we din't get any chance to shop during this trip and we all had fun shopping at the grocery shop outside my sis place @ Aman Suria. lol.
ma, me and ta-jie

im sorry that my photos are jumping random. this is back to alor setar. at where we were heading for our qing ming. we parked the car and the kids were so amazed with the huge rubber estate. so they got up close and personal with the rubber tree lol. look at their faces. they were speechless lol

this is where my pa was born. in a place called Langgar. we spent lots of our childhood time there with grandpa and cousins. and playing with the neighbours' kids. and one of them that used to stay next door is the now famous HK actress Li Xinjie. and no, i don't think so that she remembers us at all... :(

Kedah, the land of paddy field. on our way.managed to snap this. love this lil hut ;)
i thank simon for suggesting that we went home. yesterday he drove all the way back from alor setar to singapore. from 8am to 8pm!!! without complaining. xie xie lou-kong ;)
to all my friends, thank you for visiting while i was away. i am glad my website is not a site full of webs lol but am blessed to have you gals in this blogworld. thank you.
lots of love,