Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday and tutu

lil ballerina
today is a happy day..
especially for precious faith..
she took home a distinction
for her ballet dance examinations,
and top her class.
Her prayers to do well
have been answered.
am so proud of you,
my little ballerina...

{photo taken today,outside the ballet school}

Blessed Birthday Skyler
@ Movenpick, Sentosa
i am FOUR years old mommy,
"Not yet ", i said.
"YES MOMMY" sky insisted.
my lil darling boy,
sweet as a pie.
has grown up.
into a big boy.
my how fast.
i want u to know.
we all love you.
so dearly.
Happy Birthday Skyler !
at the pool
...that smile. always make my heart smile.
and then i'll start saying..
"thank you sky, for being my sonshine"
and he'll say "your welcum mommy. i love you like i love big teddy bear"
and then papa will ask "what about me?"
and sky will say "i love you like old people love chicken" (diaooozz)

me & faith wif our new swimsuits ;)

sweet simple faith ;)


the kids had so much fun at the pool

{boy..., such a happy boy!*grin*}
"we all love you this much mommy". awww thank youuuu...

We enjoyed the stay to the max. Movenpick Hotel, opened in 2011 ,ideal blend of luxury accomodations and relaxing amenities. Sky said itz his Birthday Hotel teehee;)

I hope everyone is doing fine. and those having your kids with you at home for the school holiday, enjoy them ;) It's even busier though for me, this school holiday, with the kids extra classes . and preparing Kai for his PSLE. no , not this year, itz next year! lolz no not being kiasu, but this boy will always need that lil extra push. I pray for His strenght & wisdom, for me to go through this mommyhood. and am thankful for these kiddos for they make ma happy....

Preparing a mini lil Birthday party for my skyler tomorrow, wif all his lil cousins ;) we are all excited yet again and so I've got to go ;)

and Yes, you all guessed it right, we are all missing

Thank you all for visiting ;)



Tan E-Zen said...

Happy birthday skyler & YAYAYAY faith for getting a distinction in her ballet exams(: hehe Kai will surely do very well for his PSLE. This time last year I was still holiday-ing in Japan!! Ohmy, hope i'll do duper well in my PSLE this year(: and get into.. um, nanyang girls high? Mebbe. See youuuu!!!

mignonnelulu said...

So proud of you dearest faith! Your faith has kept you going strong! u're slowly becoming an accomplished ballerina...aunty lulu is vv proud of you!

yes Sky..i can see you growing bigger now..u're getting heavier on my lap that's for sure!! never lose that "cute-ness" in u k..Always looking forward to your "aunty lulu, u want "toffee"(coffee)??"...hee..yes i also love u like old people love chicken!!! tho i wanna change u like mummy&auntylulu love bak kut teh!! lol

Love this Sue/Xu family..always so hospitable; always enjoy an aromatic cuppa nespresso, so diligently made by lil sky...always enjoy our conversations :) thanks for making me & ken part of your lives..truly honored & highly blessed!

pattyo said...

Congratulations to Faith and Happy Birthday to Skyler!

Blossom inch said...

Happy Birthday Sky! Congrats to Faith! and what a beautiful tutu and family. Love all the pictures Jaz and family is everything kan...take care and hugs.

Bellaidea said...

Wow, so many great photos to scrap :)

Jona Panesa said...

loved your hat here my dear!