Saturday, November 27, 2010

Want to bring these jazzy stuffs home?

Visit Joys @ Uptown Sweets "i deserve to win.." festive contest HERE;)

You just have to leave a sweet sweet comment at the link HERE , pick which of the following jazzy items from Jaz {that is me} that you would like to win and why you deserve to win"..and you may be the lucky winner!!! how fun!!!

Altered notebook "sweets for my sweets'

altered board with post-it-notepad "sweet sweet moments"
We thank you for joining the fun with us and Good luck Girls ;)
Thank you for your sweet bloglove ;)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

always............remember november....

i will remember november in a very special way.for the whole month is always filled with nice and warm much as i do not want november to go off, but i have to because DECEMBER is another great month to celebrate!!

Webster's Pages :

{sneak peek-a-boo} for my mini class to be conducted at Webter's Pages alongside with many other fab fab projects by the awesome design team. You ought to check us out at inspireMe HERE ;) And for the bloghop, would you like to hop yourselves into getting free stamps??? YES NEW WP STAMPS!!!! and many other goodies?? Read more HERE ;)

On Saturday I had a great class at Laine's .The girls are a wonderful bunch and I am beginning to know each of you better which means a lot to me. thank you for coming to my class and thank you for being my friend ;)

To all of you that my class held on weekdays, i want to say sincere thank you too...

Saturday Evening with The Matsuda's Family

Domo arigato gozainazta to Rei and Mika and their cute juniors rico and shimon. Thank you for your warm friendship and Thank you for the yummy cake from Mika. We all had a great memorable evening. ...
Thank you to all you sweet spuds for following my blog and coming back here with so much love,


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tis the season to be Jolly!

Did you hear? PaperMarket is hosting an atrium workshop event for JUST $9.90per participant! This on-site workshop includes a fancy chipboard album kit and supplies by Me & My Big Ideas worth more than $18!!!! Register for 2 to receive $10 Voucher!!! How's that for a super deal? Hurry limited to 1st 80 per day.

Have a jolly time ;)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Wesbter's Pages and Unity Stamps!!!!

Check out the Unity stamps Blog!!! for more images of the NEW Stamps!! Webster's Pages co-branding Unity Stamps, just the most perfect match made in heaven and earth!!!!!
It's exciting!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November rain...

comes with many happy things...

Today is my daughter's birthday. yes, 3rd birthday in a and the kids did well for their exam.hubby and i are pretty pleased so we are going out for a celebration teehee ;)
we will be going out shortly. but can't help it but to share these..thank you for looking ;)

Laine's Papeterie : Jaz's December Class Project
PRIMA Canvas Bag Album
"Fly with me"
Please call 63336831 to register. Thank you very much.

Papermarket : Jaz's December Class Project
Maya Road Chipboard Album
"Vintage dreams.."
Please call 63339007 to register. Thank you very much.

Laine's Papeterie Assingment
Altered 2011 Calender

Some Happy Tags for my girlfrenz ;)

a lil notebook for a very sweet fren ;)

I will be sharing more on the classes soon, at the moment i gotta run!!!
but I will be back soon ttfn !!!
Thank you for visiting ;)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Tags

Tag "my wish" working on a sewing frame.

Tag working on a coaster.

Tag working on an envelope.
Hello dearie frenz,
Thank you once again for all your blog love and birthday wishes. They make me smile everyday.
These are the tags that Im sharing at Jaz Up Your Thursdays at Laine's Blog today. For the month of November, we designers at Laine's and Papermarket got to play with some of the fabulous christmas items. I enjoyed doing up mine and they are currently hanging merrily around the store at Laine's.
Simple tags that you can make for your friends and loved ones too ;) Hope you like them ;)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

i think im celebrating 1 whole month of Birthday!!

The Arteastique Cafe

To me, birthday is a time, flowers begin to bloom and butterflies flutter. i had a very happy birthday celebration and OMG am awfully Surprise!!! awfully chocolate cake from galfrenz lu and cla. thank you for your lovely gifts and love too muackkk girls! you're so choclatety sweet!!!

and ...You just ought to check this cafe out @ Mandarin Gallery....! am so particularly smitten with it. itz a charming cozy corner to have a cuppa , so chic and therez my fav turqouise and pink and big birdcages in a ROW! lol! This place is definitely made to pamper us the girls!! And Cla and Lu is definitely made to pamper me teehee ;)

and guess who i bumped into?? my dear guru , Betty ;)
and awww so touched with this handmade beauty! snif snif that comes wif 'sure-2-make-you-teary' journalling ;)

and then ting-tonggggggg! DHL came with this SURPRISE from hubby! i-phone-4 me!!!!
{look at kai's expression !!!!!}
and then...a lovely time here with shir,nancy and my godsis manis wif lil cute brianna and clarice {cannot kiss me}!!! haha
awesome catch up and thx for the warm company, the doughnuts ,cakes and birthdays gifts. love them all.
yes?what's up?
{the gals in my scraproom makes me giggle wif this !} with these photos shared, ..i am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends. thank you.

a photo taken with kai having his fav japanese food on his Birthday @ Bugis Junction. this boy of mine has just turned perfect 10!!! Blessed birthday my boy! I know that you know this, but i want to say it again that Mommy loves you!!

I have a few more photos to upload, lol.herez sharing some that spoke to me and er-herm...i have to remind some of you to email me the pics soon lol. I had some friends over again last thur. we laughed like krazy. till today i still giggle in my sleep. you gals are so fun to be with.
Near or far, I want to thank you for all your birthday love, in person, here @y blog sms,email and OMG my facebook page almost exploded with allllll your love! thank you all you sweet spuds ;) love ya.
and Please do drop by and check out what Brandin is doing this week!!! Check out the webster's pages blog as this gorgeous lady boss is scrapping away lots of family love ;) all you have to do is to drop her some lovenotes and kind advices and you may appear to be the lucky winner of some fab prize packs!!! *wink*


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nov is the time ...

Layout : "am i cute"

This month webster's Pages is thrilled to have inspireME member Susan Lui as our guest designer. Susan put her signature touches on the WonderFALL and Waiting for Santa Collections. check out her lovely creations HERE

herez my take ;)
thank you lil brianna for this cute photo ;)

Some layouts that i've done but have not shared before yet just sharing them for fun ;) Thank you Perly for these gorgeous photos ;)

November is a happy month.because therez three birthdays in the family.besides going bankrupt myself, my loves ones, family and frenz are too lol so thank you so much for all the birthday wishes , great companies and blessing us with so many beautiful gifts..teehee
will share some birthday photos soon ;)
Last nite I received a call and so thrilled it was from my sweet Japanese friend Tomoko. We spoke for almost an hour i think. we finalized lots of details about my class in Osaka. I thank all of you for all the emails that we still receive enquiring about the class. The class is already fully booked, within days and am so so so very thankful. My sincere apology that we are unable to take in somemore of you girls....I hope so, in the near future okie??
I sincerely want to thank friends that will be travelling few hours down from Tokyo and other parts of Japan just to attend the class. Domo arigato gozainazta!!!
I really can't wait to go 'back' to the Land of the Rising Sun!!!
I wish you all lots of love. thank you for visiting and and thank you for bein a sweet follower of my simple blog ;)