Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tis love story..................Scrap-in-JAPAN


here's a lil big excitement to share! ive been invited by a very special warm friend to teach in Osaka, Japan. ...YES JAPAN!!! TOO EXCITED BUT STILL HAVE TO WAIT!

making lots of plans and discussions are still on going.thanks to simon for making lots of plans to make this happen. and thx to a bunch of nice frenz, we've somewhat got a vey kawaii venue already. i like it. it's like a love boat!

thank you my special friend for the invite. you may know this gorgeous girl ;) teehee. shall share more soon...now busy preparing kits, etc..
Will do my very best !!! Will share more on this soon..till then...Have a Great Week !!!!



Friday, August 27, 2010

loving the new webster's...........

".....count your blessing"

A layout for dearest amanda. this young girl reminds me so much of my own sweet young days when i was sweet nothing....
Thank you amanda for letting me have this photo of yours;)

"...sky is the limit"
a layout for my godsis manis. and manis means sweet!!! hope you will like it ;)
this is a page for inspireMe. lifting a layout by someone oh-so-talented. september gdt at webster's pages ;) keep your eyes peeled ;)
Thank you all for dropping by. and for your love;)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heavenly .....

"Pretty Bird Hang Mobile" designed for an online class at Scrapbook Heaven. I will be providing you with the information soon. I really enjoyed creating this piece and i hope you like what you see ;) If you have any queries for this online class, you may email me at jasmine_sutra@yahoo.com.sg thank you !

L. O. S. T

sob sob! this album has been taken away from Laine's Papeterie. I hope it will come back to me soon. it contains one of the best family photos i have and i long for it to return....sob sob!


did these for a friend's birthday and im so glad that she likes it.
I have to send my girl off so i gotta go now. but i will be back soon ;) have a great day ;)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Updates...

*NEW* Webster's Pages Hollywood Vogue and Sweet Season

The new lines from Webster's Pages are just so soft and pretty. No matter how rough my cut outs get, they just blend in together nicely on the page lol! Thank you lovely-L for letting me use this beautiful photo of you & K ;)

"Classic story of ..."

Laine's Papeterie : JAZ's September 2010 Class
Layout with altered canvas purse : "Girly Girl"

I would call this project,"one of a sweet kinda" class teehee. an altered canvas purse onto this layout! see, told you , therez just some girlish sweetness here.

NOTE: O yes, there's a change of class project as I have shared with you. the altered box-cum-photoframes class will be held in October instead.

Please note that there will be only 20 seats available for this class as therez the only numbers of purses we could get for this layout class. so, please leave your names early, with the gals at Laine's if you would like to register for the class okie? Original sample will be going down to the store sometime this week...

Thank you once again for all your sweet support ;) Thank you for dropping by....

happy moments..these are the reasons why...

there's no layouts from me lately!! wahahaha...this will be our new nest. am so excited and happy ;) {reno starting soon}

and then...we have been busy having fun time with family members at the chalet last weekend.great bbq and i think i still smell it on me now lol!!

the Joy Luck Club!!! we have been named!!! lol by mr k!!! er-herm!... and the story of us. just too amazing. when i brought l to c, gosh they already 'knew' each other.sumhow..thru someone someone special.sumhow .teehee.
this is a proud photo to post.for we managed to wake up early and drag 5kids to macdonald's breakfast last week.kudos!!!
sweet girls ;)

and then...am so so very excited for My FIRST-ever showcase appearance at Papermarket
on this coming Saturday , 28th august 2010. I have to thank Elaine,once again, for having this for me. and to all those who signed up, how can i thank you enough *sniff sniff* .many xiexie!..let's have fun!

...to friends who are in the waiting list, as much as we would like to have another two classes for this but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we cannot do it now. I really hope to see you gals in the future classes ;) okie? MANY MANY endless thanks...

i have been queit here i know, my thousand apologies. but am always surprise when i hear that so many of you coming by my blog, some of you almost everynite. that definitely is so encouraging. thank you. some layouts to share soon once i figure out how to get them out from my slr. ya, don't laugh...

My huge box from Webster's Pages has arrived and now waiting for the very pretty-pretty bellies. i think i will faint when i open up the box!

to dearest corrine, the stamps that i used in my class was purchased online from "Birds & Nest" rubber stamps from Cavallini Papers & Co,. Inc.

my son is waiting for his lunch. so i gotta go. have a great week everyone ;)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tweet tweet

hello frenz,
i know i have promised some of you some updates.but unfortunately, apparently, whatever i snapped with my sony cybershot appears blurish. thus no pics at the moment. .....

BUT, i have this bird on the hat to share with you gals. Gosh, this hat is killing me.tweetly lol.
Hope this cheer you up as much as it did to me ;)

Sincere thanks to all that attended my Webster's Pages class last Saturday ;) Full house & full of Fun!!! Am blessed to have known so many of you nice gals ;) so thank you ;)

Thank you to all that were in my WP class today {taught by shir} ;) Hope you gals had fun ;)

See the rest of you gals that are coming this Sunday ;)
Have a blessed week everyone ;)



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girls juz wanna have FUN!!!

Maya Road Bird Cage Chipboard Album;
by Jaz Lee for Scrapbook Heaven ;)
I am honoured that Shannon from SH invited me to design and teach this class. Birdcage is my middle name. you all know that rite. lol. i had so much so much fun with this project and i know you will too. For more information, you may check with Scrapbook Heaven ;) Endless thank you ;)

Faith @ National Day Performance

My twin and I got teary when we saw how well faith did for this performance. her poise and confident ...am a proud mommy ;) this is not any big stage though, but to see my lil darling girl up there doing her best, am so happy;)

Marmalaide Pantry - ION

Yesterday was one of the happiest days i had with my galfrenz. each and everyone of them, unique and warm in their own way.just make my heart smile. thx audrey for visiting. we'll miss you , most definitely.to all you gals, thanx for the fab fab x ;) more fab fab pics on my FB ;) lol

Ma is in town and we have been busy but doing fine. counting lil blessings that come my way every single day.

I will be seeing some awesome 12 gals tomorrow at 2.30pm. So whatz the time gals?It's Webster's Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) teehee . Thank you for your sweet support ;) see ya ;)
Thank you all for your bloglove;) thanks for dropping by ;) have a great tgif ;)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

it was.......Once upon a Sunday...

I love them ;)

{photo taken by lil sky}

I am particularly smitten with these simple family photos.so memorable somehow;) snapped while we were having lunch at the Queenstown Food Centre. it was after church. we had some time before driving down to meet Darry from FCBC, simon's buddy for more than 10 years now ;) We were getting ready for FILMING !!!! for that, we were supposed to go for some kite flying but because of the rain, we went Plan B.
Plan B was good. in fact it was great. met up with Wendy, who was sahm for many years before going back to the workforce again,shez my confidante during my first few years of mommyhood. Darry and Wendy are God sent ;) So we did the filming. me and sky at the playground while simon and faith with the bike. Wendy's family with some indoor activities .Thank you Darry and crew for having us ;) this short clips will be shown at the "Love Singapore" , the Baptist Church Convention to be held at the Singapore Expo this coming Sunday , 9 August 2010.

rachael and sky.

After meeting one sweet rachael, we headed for a birthday party. we met another sweet rachell ;) scrapped this blouse for her , got her a matching vintage skirt and blings & vintage trinkets and so glad that she likes it because this photo is on her fb profile pic now!!! thx rach, see ya 2mro!

I have been scrapping so much! but am unable to share them with you yet ;) will do so once the timing is right okie ;)
Thank you all for coming by. im heading over to Laine's Online Diary for my Thurs blogging. then im going to dreamland...
May you have a blessed Thursday ;) Love,jaz