Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy to go places

Jaz's June Class at Laine's Papeterie and

Hello London
a very BIG THANK YOU, XIE XIE, DOMO ARIGATO , TERIMAKASIH once again to all my friends that came for the class last Saturday. We conquered this album in exactly 3hours and we all had fun. am glad to see the smiles on your faces when we are done with the project,att. your thank yous and touching comments given after each classes make me smile ;)

I am honoured that sweet C has chosen this project to be a gift for her precious nephew from London. Thank you for doin two albums in 3hours ;) teehee that means this project will be 'exported' soon....*smile*

Hello Hong Kong

Home Sweet Home. Inspired by TCR #11.
the lil card is for lil K. He's Kelly's so-called boyfriend. haha...
I don't usually do oh-so-cute cards like this. but glad this turned out cute ;) Thanks Clara for this tri-fold idea ;)
thank you sis fern for all these projects requests. these will be packed and flown to Hong Kong next week. *wink*
Hello Mongolia
Thank you girlfriend J for bringing this lil bundle all the way to Mongolia. *wink*
I sincerely thank you all for coming by. Thank you for letting me share my simple joy. and thank you for all your bloglove ;)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Seletar Reservoir {Saturday}

{simple photos taken from my sony cybershot}
I like it that on Saturdays mornings, we get our favourite breakfast and then venture into different parks and reservoirs around the beautiful island. Last Saturday, we went to the Seletar Reservoir before heading to the Mandai Crematorium to pay respect to granny.
We were disturbed by some very noety monkeys while eating, we screamed and ran and laughed so much!!!!
.....there are hundreds of tasks we feel we must do in a day, but i learn to take them one at a time and let them pass through the day slowly...I just want to make the most of each moments spent with my family.
I hope you are enjoying your family too. Have a Blessed week ahead ;)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scrapping girlfrenz

Layout " with Donna Downey"
We all had such great time with Donna and all the Laine's Girlfrenz. Thank you team ;)

Layout " Delight"
Layout " Ive & Jaz"
These has been outstanding for a pretty long time.precious photos that I adore and treasure. somemore in my album to scrap....tfl...i gotta run.it's fil's birthday and they are waiting for me ;) ttfn ;)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

...................and the river runs deep....

" ...the river delights to lift us free,if only we dare to let go. Our true work in this voyage, this adventure".{richard bach}

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So excited to share with you...

Sneaks for July Classes at Laine's Papeterie please click here ;)

Creating new projects for my classes at Laines Papeterie and Papermarket sometimes seem as challenging as finding the courage to jump off a high dive..

Sometimes I think about a layout for days (while cooking, while bathing, while shopping while everything lol) before I actually sit down and start creating.

and I know I am doing these for the best bunch of girls, and positive words , and so much words of encouragements from Elaine and Sharon and from all of you gals eventually turn my doubts into triumph.

This month, I had another round of fun and am thrilled to present you...
Layout 2 for Laines : Jaz's July Class "...bless my life"

Layout 1 for Laines : Jaz's July Class "so in love"

Yes, 3 hours. two layouts. lots of Martha Stewart glitter fun.Layerings.Playing with colour combo.and my-o-my am so lucky to get that metalic trinket & beautiful cameo and you gals are so lucky to get them in class! these are definitely one of a kind vintage find that we got from abroad ;) Ssswooon!

and oh yes, "Open it up" or "slide-it" for some hidden surprise.

Layout : "Cherish"

Feminine beauty, laces, swirls.....whether be it for bridal photos or just any other themes you'll be treated with a page full of pretty eye candies ;)

For viewing of original class samples, you may drop by Laines Papeterie. for enquiries, please call 63336831.

On behalf of Laine's Papeterie and Papermarket I want to say thank you gals for your ever-so-sweet support. Love loads ;)




Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Tuesday

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Simon is away. We woke up. walked to the kopishop nearby to have some nice prata for breakfast. headed to a bicycle shop. may get one tiny one for sky. on the way home, dropped byto say hello to uncle Sun Yat Sen .but he was not in. this is where he used to stay when he came to Singapore in 1905. and so the kids got to know him quite a fair bit just now. Had a great time spent with the kids. gonna miss them when school reopens.next week :(


proud lil sky wif his popcorn before "Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time".
Good movie. enjoyed it so much.

lil Nicole and lil Amanda baked for the first time

just for us. so touched! had a great time catching up with my girlfren C. thx gals for the yummy butter cake ;)

Ticklish?yes?no? lol? Thx girlfren Y for the awesome day out.

Filming : Mediacorp Channel 8 "Lost and Found"
and so we all heard. Rui En takes on Zoe Tay in the main leading female roles in "Channel 8 local drama LOST & FOUND". and then this happens ;)
am honoured to be working with Chen Liping and Rui En onscreen. *smile* .will be appearing twice in the show ;) am the mommy of a missing lil boy Zach. so again, i have to trouble you not to blink your eyes.okie?lol.
but this may be my last.as i may not be able to commit to the long hours filming and having 3kiddos waiting around for me all the time. im so gonna miss this ;) It was always nice to meet up some nice actors...

I will be going down to Laines later to take a snapshot of my class LO. soree to keep you waiting but Will be sharing the peeks with you soon ;) If you wish to view the original samples, they are sitting pretty waiting for you at the store ;) teehee.
tfl and thank you for coming by ;)


Friday, June 18, 2010

pictures to share


These two layouts touch my heart. they are a gift from a special friend Jona. I had an opportunity to meet up Jona when she came to Singapore few months ago. Thank you Jona for these beautiful layouts ;)

I have not been scrapping lately but managed to rush out my July Class layouts for Laines and Papermarket last nite. I will be bringing the layouts down to the store later. So if you would like to have an early peek, do drop by Laine's Papeterie after 1pm today. okie dokie?many thanks for your continual super sweet support;)
I have been queit here as itz the school holidays. happy that i managed to catch up with friends and sistas and had fun with manicure sessions, tea party, watching movies and tea party again and lots of shopping....lol
im a lil bit moody, last few days.a storm in a teacup.was so sad and angry on the onset but im okie now. i thank you faithful friends who bother to listen and even extended helps in many ways. I thank God for all of you ;)
Some pictures to share. at the park. taken by simon and some by me ;)

{"what? no way im goin to do that"} lol

Thank you my friends for dropping by. I once mentioned that my blog is so lonely but many of you dropped by to say you are here all the time. Thanks to all my Laine's girlfrenz for coming by,queitly but ever so faithfully ;)

Have a Blessed Weekend. God Bless ;)