Thursday, June 9, 2011

away for awhile...

to celebrate lil sky's 4th birthday.
his special request ...;)
to stay in a hotel ;)
any hotel:)
lolz ;)

these pics familiar to any of you?
we are all excited!
let me see if any of you can recognize this beauty above ;) hee;)
just for fun ;)

Have a great weekend to all ;)
Thank you for your bloglove;)
I'll come visiting soon ;)



Jolanda said...

wow,Jaz,this looks beautiful!!
Not familiar to me.....mmmmm think it's way out of my place :)
Have fun and enjoy your time!!

mignonnelulu said... i get a prize for getting it right? ;p Itz Movenpick Heritage Hotel in Sentosa!! ur last pic was the giveaway ;) heehee...sounds like soooo much fun! simple request from lil skyler! I'm sure he'll have a ball of a time!

Tan E-Zen said...

Hahaha x) so easy; movenpick hotel, you told me before mah..(: happy birthday lil skyler(; have a nice stay there .. That place looks wowow beautiful. :)

pattyo said...

Beautiful place--I wouldn't mind that as a birthday gift!

Coochies & All said...

Have a wonderful time there with your family Jaz! And big hugs to Skyler - pls wish him happy birthday for me. :) Pls also help me give Faith a big hug too, she told me yesterday that she loves the blanket I sewed for her. She said she loves it as it's very soft. I was very touched when I heard that - her support has motivated me a lot. Thanks so much Jaz!!
elaine t

Yin said...

Have a superb 4th birthday lil guy;) n have a great family time too jaz!