Friday, October 30, 2009

Webster's Pages 12 Days of Christmas Crop

Check this out! Webster's Pages 12 Days of Christmas crop is 12 days of projects to inspire you. Each day, a project is being featured ;)

We have have chats, games prizes and the winner will win herself a place with the design team for 6 months. So Jolly fun ! See you at the crop!

Thank you all that came by. See you again tomorrow here for lotsa November reveals ;)
Have a great Saturday ;)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Herez..........Tuesday Updates

Don't forget to join in the Bad Girls P52 Challenge #2 : Theme : Old book. Check out the rules at my previous post ;) Have Fun.

" A Sparrow and the Tree" Layout. For Ed's "November Orange" Challenge at Laines Papeterie Gallery. Get your layouts oranged and remember to post your layout under Ed's Weekend Challenge ~ Orange category when it's ready
Love this photo. It inspired me to do up this page. This photo makes me go back to my childhood days. Days that I've spent so much carefree time at the rubber estate cum farm that my pa had. Days that I see my pa worked so hard. Pa was a teacher but we would go down to this farm that grandpa left for pa. Day's that I worked alongside with pa seeing our crops grow. Days that I enjoyed watching how the srong winds made the trees danced...Days that during sunsets, we just lay down on the dry crispy grass and watch the birds flew chirping by, the buffalos taking their 'evening' stroll...and how I miss the fresh air. The wind ...that swept my hair all over my face ..i like that. ..while I just lie down there enjoying the vast sky...I miss that. and I miss my pa...
Thank you everyone that came by ;) Every love left here, I placed them tight in my heart ;)
Have a blessed week ;)


Bad Girls Project 52 Challenge #2 Reveal

Supply list:
-My Old story book (im using my childhood "The Children's Classics - Alice in Wonderland" Storybook dated 1975.)
-MM Paint "Blush"
-K&Co diecuts
-Mellisa Francis Frame
-Prima Flowers
-Webster's Pages Pompom blue trim
-Webster's PAges Brown Trim
-Webster's Pages Pattern paper
-Jenni Bowlin Pattern paper
Laces and vintage trims & vintage buckle & buttons (flea market finds)
Misc Office supply
-Paper clips

Leave the old book cover as it is . First and foremost, place the MF Frame on the page. Then decorate it with embellishments. Adhere ribbons and laces from one end of the book to the other. At the book opening, tie the vintage buckle in front and back so that when the book closed up, it can be buckled.

For the inside pages, cute out about 8cm x 8cm frame,from about some of the 50 pages so that you can place the photo in the last page.and you'll get a depth to look into the photo.just like a shadow box within the book. Distress and embellish the page.
Let your creativity flows.

Use a very old book that you already have. It gives you a sentimental value too. The older the book the better, less distressing required. Have fun!


Old Text Book Cover (re-purposed, strong, older is better)
* Theme – School (education of any kind/lessons learned, etc…
* Required material – Office Supply/s (any office supply store items are game)

It is your challenge to alter an old text book cover, use the theme school,/education and you must incorporate office supplie(s). The deadline is November 7, 2009 Midnight Pacific.


1. Upload to Your Photoserver Like Photobucket Our Project 52 Blinkie, Then Add It to Your Blog Linking Back To This Blog
2. After Your Blinkie Is Up, Leave Us a Comment On This Blog Post With The Link Where We Can Find It
3. Create Challenge #2 & Upload It to the Project 52 Gallery before November 7th Midnight Pacific
4. Come to the Project 52 Forum and Link Us to Your Project in the Gallery
Come say Hi to the Design Team and View Bonus Tutorials in the Forum today!

Also, do come check out some very fab classes available at Papermarket. Happy to share, My "Altered Gift Box" class is also up for registration ;)

See you ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laines Papeterie November 09 Designer Studio Classes

Glad to see this newsletter at Laine's Papeterie Blog. Annoucement of November classes by the designers. I think every designers put in their best pieces to deliver to you gals *wink* . Hope you will like what you see. And today is 'Jaz Up Your Fridays'. So do drop by and enjoy the juicy sweet site with us.

I want to thank you sweet gals that dropped by my blog and aww with all the sweet comments im not sure if can sleep tonite ;) and all the love you gals left me. Thank you my friend I, for your email too. Your concern mean so much to me. so thank you.

and................ooooooo! Here's my favourite personal blinkie!!!!! to remind myself im a good bad girl lol ;) Thank you Wendy Rago and Julie-Ann .sob sob so touched!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeling crafty and some peek-a-boos

Hello there. I know i've been MIA for awhile. So many things happened and so many things are happening. good and not so good things and bz bz as a bumble bee. But upon saying that, I am still thankful that I have the Lord to bring me through my days and counting every lil blessings I have. Amen.

But am glad to have this layout out fresh from the oven last nite. This is my youngest goddaughter Deon. a Chilly padi. love her.too cheeky too cute.

Layout "Little Boy". My project for Buzz and Bloom. It's a mini on the page ;) You can check out more details here. I want to thank Jackie and Lucy for your sweet comments left at BnB ;)
This page comes with two outlooks, as in two different photos. First picture is of my son playing with his BMW toy car and then the second one is of the 'dramatic' him - crying, and yes, still sitting on the same car. This page comes with a flap album too, to hold photos of my boy when he was 2 years old.

Sneak Peek 1. my november class layout " You" for Laines Papeterie.

Sneak Peek 2. My 2nd November class "Faith"

I am so touched that some of you gals already signed up for my class. xiexie. and I want to thank you gals that attended my webster's Pages class on the 18th of October. We forgot our red bull (lol) but how glad i am, at the end,when all of you liked how the layouts turned out.

Herez Sneak Peek for my November DT Project Layout "Love" for Laines Papeterie. Will provide the list of supplies used in my November reveal ;)

Sneak Peek for DT Project 2 Layout "Cherish" for Laines Papeterie

I am so thrilled to see so many friends hopping for the BG P52. So nice to see so many new friends here. Thank you for playing along and for allllllllllllllllllll the lovely messages and words of encouragements ;) Melt my heart indeed. See you gals soon. ttfn -lotsa love-jaz

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bad Girls Project 52 Blog Hop Festive

Bad Girls P52 First DT creations come out tomorrow October 12,2009.

they are also hosting a blog festival so hop on over and have a look!!You will be amazed and inspired by the talent of the New Team.

Our Design Team Members have opened up their Studio Blogs featuring Tips for Beginning Mixed Media. You can have a chance at the Bad Girls scrumptious prize shown here and on the P52 Blog by visiting each blog and ending up at our P52 Gallery and P52 Forums!

13. Upload Your Project 52 Challenge #1
Remember: Have fun! Embrace your Inner Bad Girl Artist!!!

I am thrilled that I am venturing into mixed media. for i he(ART}.
If you want to start, I would strongly introduce you my very favourite Somerset Workshop.

There are many issues available but my very favourite would be the Autumn 2008.

Now you can take a workshop from a Somerset artist into the comfort of your own home. Learn fabulous techniques to help you make breathtaking projects that are illustrated from start to finish. All chapters in this 144-page book include simple stepped-out photographs with clear instructions to help you create exciting projects from some of the finest art and crafting instructors in our industry.

I adore projects featured in this issue. They make me drool. From woodworks to photo image transformations to tin metal artistry and of course the fab altered books and boxes!!!

And....Especially when I saw page 88, I fell thud!!!. i fell in love with " Home of the Bittersweet Flight" by Marsha Williams.
I hope you'll be inspired by Somerset Workshop as much as it has inspired me ;)

btw, I am in the 2nd P52 team. Reveal date : 26 Oct 09 ( you will definitely be back won't you *wink*) . So herez a lil treat ;)

See you gals soon ;)
Muackkk!!! to all that come by ;) Now you are off to Katie's blog ;) Have fun!

A date with Bad girls

Challenge #1 will GO LIVE on Monday, October 12th!
The DT who will be amazing us with their challenge interpretations will be those gals in... CHALLENGE GROUP #1 –
Julie Ann

Challenge group #2
(Anna, Jaz, Katie (Miss Katie), Pam, Wendela) will be creating challenge interpretations for Challenge #2, which will GO LIVE two weeks later, on Monday, October 26th... The schedule will continue as follows...
every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, we will be issueing you a NEW and FABULOUS challenge, with Challenge Group #1 doing the first month's challenge (2nd Monday), and Challenge Group #2 doing the second month's challenge (4th Monday)...

We all look forward to seeing you all soon , and enjoying YOUR interpretation of each and every one of our creative challenges!!

How exciting. I've got my project ready too though im on the 2nd team.

How true. There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out. We love being bad 'cause it feels so good being with the BadGirls P52. So come join us will ya ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I believe that....

sky is the limit and I want my children to believe in that too. I named my baby number 3 Skyler when he was 3days old in my arms. For I was so overwhelmed with so many chores and new role as a mummy all over again.all single handedly without any helpers. still having to cope with my two elder kids while hubby travels. I remember day 3 when he was home, we were in my room. just me and baby. he cried so much. sigh. I just looked out the window.admire the blue sky and thinking how great the world we're living in. and remind myself how God has guided me through my years with Kai & Faith. and I told myself that Yes, i can do it, matter the name of love. Sky is the limit. and the baby in my arms shall be named Skyler ;)

I am sharing a layout that I have also shared at Buzz and Bloom and Laine's Blog.

a simple notebook for my sis, Yin.

a notebook for my sis, Yen.

a notebook for a friend, a sweet friend Amanda.

Received my DT package from Webster's Pages on last Thursday. Almost kissed the postman. Love love love the bellies. Too prettty for words. This one is a bracelette. love the cameo.

and I did this for my bag. Love the laces and the trims. Sigh pretty things like these makes me crazy lol! had my first class. The class was full, minus J who is on maternity. I sincerely wanna thank, you eleven sweet gals for coming and making this happen. I even had two birthday gals there with me. Gosh, how honoured!!! and Thank you Betty for being around and for the help rendered here and there.aiyo so appreciate ;) Received nice lovely comments from you gals after the class.heavenly.
I din't say this in class but while you gals were busy, and as I look at how much concentration you gals put into making your layouts gorgeous, I smile and think how meaningful and touching to have my art recreated. So that means a lot to me. BIG THANK YOU ;)
Looking forward to see some more new friends @ my second class on the 18th of October ;)
My Webster's Pages class for October is full and on behalf of Laines Papeterie, my sincere apology that we are not taking in anymore students. but AHAA!!! do look out for the November classes will ya ;) *wink wink*
Thank you for visiting. and that Mediacorp thingy...nooo im no star *blush*. nothing like that. *blush*. "Xiang wor ni ter shou" will be one of the longest running local series drama.180 episodes. My mom will love that ;)
From the class this morning, I learnt there are so many of you silent readers.gee.thank you.
okie...I'm off to dreamworld.see you gals in blogworld. very soon ;)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


me and Mediacorp Chn8 artist Lynn Poh, after our filming. she's a beauty ;)
My precious scripts ;)

me & Grace. a very nice friend that I've met. Grace has been a part-timer with Mediacorp for a while already. Her son Scott is one talented boy , who is also with Mediacorp Chn5.

while waiting for my turn.during the filming. note my heels ???!!!

Don't laugh. yes i had fun today. woke up at 6am today feeling so excited and headed to Mediacorp. Met a few actors and actresses.I squelled so my heart. lol.
We had an early filming at a school located at Dunman Road. I admire the crews and casts.For being so passionate about what they are doing. I did a small role.very small role. small small role *blush* *blush* @ "Xiang wo ni te shou", debuting year end i think. Just for fun.
Nothing scrappy to share yet, still no mood to get back to scrapping . But do check out some updates at Bad Girls Project 52. The Dt's bios are up and mine here ;)
Have a blessed Sunday ;)

itz been a week....

I am not sure about you gals. But since day one I started scrapbooking, I just love bird cages. I don't know why. I just love them. And I spotted this at the MNG by MANGO outlet along Orchard Road ;)

The Ferari race and craze came back. We were at ION Orchard and the kids got hot with these ;)

Eeeek my office building ;) The LSS Laine's Papeterie that Im designing and teaching at, is located at the 2nd floor of this building.the Wheelock Place @ Orchard Road. I likd it that everytime Kai goes by here, he'll say "WAH momy your office so nice"....*wink* .do come visit us if you are in Singapore won't you. And to all my local scrapper frenz....see you there .anytime.....hee
Oh, yes, I have to mention that the Webster's Pages class that I am teaching is almost full. *blush*. thank you gals. see you at my first class 10-10-10. {10 oct 10 am}.

ION Orchard. Cool building. Cool stuffs. Kids had fun @ the water fountain. I can't believe how two rows of about 6 fountains could make them so happy.

Ma is here for a visit. So nice to be able to cath up with lotsa stuffs especially stuffs about pa. Had a great time spent yesterday with ma and sisters. When I reached home, I found myself crying. happy to see ma and that because I appreciate ma making the effort to come all the way and things she shared with us yesterday afternoon were very touching. and that I know, deep inside, I miss pa so much.
Anyway, nothing much being scrapped this week. Been feeling moody about some matters.sigh sigh. but guess i'll just treat it as a splaterred bug in the windshield of my life. Wish me luck on this bug thingy okie.
Do join us at Laines for a very 9s challenge. and share with us your layouts for {Create} October Challenge hosted by me.We would liek to see pages of Hari Raya spent with your friends or loved ones or you may share with us any pages on any celebrations or gatherings. We love to see that.

Thank you for visiting. you know how much that means to me ;) see you gals in the blogworld. ttfn ;)