Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So excited to share with you...

Sneaks for July Classes at Laine's Papeterie please click here ;)

Creating new projects for my classes at Laines Papeterie and Papermarket sometimes seem as challenging as finding the courage to jump off a high dive..

Sometimes I think about a layout for days (while cooking, while bathing, while shopping while everything lol) before I actually sit down and start creating.

and I know I am doing these for the best bunch of girls, and positive words , and so much words of encouragements from Elaine and Sharon and from all of you gals eventually turn my doubts into triumph.

This month, I had another round of fun and am thrilled to present you...
Layout 2 for Laines : Jaz's July Class "...bless my life"

Layout 1 for Laines : Jaz's July Class "so in love"

Yes, 3 hours. two layouts. lots of Martha Stewart glitter fun.Layerings.Playing with colour combo.and my-o-my am so lucky to get that metalic trinket & beautiful cameo and you gals are so lucky to get them in class! these are definitely one of a kind vintage find that we got from abroad ;) Ssswooon!

and oh yes, "Open it up" or "slide-it" for some hidden surprise.

Layout : "Cherish"

Feminine beauty, laces, swirls.....whether be it for bridal photos or just any other themes you'll be treated with a page full of pretty eye candies ;)

For viewing of original class samples, you may drop by Laines Papeterie. for enquiries, please call 63336831.

On behalf of Laine's Papeterie and Papermarket I want to say thank you gals for your ever-so-sweet support. Love loads ;)





Jolanda said...

oh wow this all looks very surprising!!love trhe cororful stuff!
I almost can't wit to see more!!!!
Have a nice day,Jolanda

Wendy Kwok said...

Wow.. looks like a great class! Love the sneaks!

Anonymous said...


Silsine said...

Jaz!!! There are so suprising . But im so far, One day im going to try to make one layout on your style, for me its a little dificult, but im going to try.


sharon Ong said...

And thank YOU for all your tireless dedication and heart-filled creations! They are beautiful!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

wow, this looks incredible..... you truly are the scrapbook goddess girl!!!!!! I need to take a class!!!!!!!!!