Monday, June 7, 2010

June's happening...

I would like to share that I am so happy and excited for my precious Faith. Her ballet examination result is out and she got a distinction @ 92 .the highest score in her class. everyone in her class did very well too. There's still room for improvement but for her first exam,am so proud of this lil girl of mine. I thank God for watching over her and may she continue to do well ;)

We came home after the ballet class, I just wanted to give her something nice to congratulate her.rushed this out. Using Prima fabric alpha and iron-onz. within 45 minutes, wrapped it up for her. She was so happy to receive it and I told her to continue to do her best. Thank you Faith, for all the walkings under the hot sun, and certain days, with the heavy rain.....dragging along lil skyler and his stroller, every Wednesdays and Saturdays are all worth it ;)

Thank you all for letting me share this simple joy from a lil daughter to her mommy;)

and then........
Goodbye Callista.

Hello Nadia.

Our temporary home. will be here for four months. I thank God for friend J, who found this huge place for us to store everything and everyone in it and yet we feel like we are staying in a 'mansion' lol!!! We will enjoy this place till we shift again ;)

Hello to all my friends. Ive been a lil queit here but appreciate all of you that drop by. Always appreciate all of you, my friends that come from near and far.
Love loads,



Jolanda said...

Ah,the picture of your girl is so nice!!Your temporairy home looks very nice,hope you and your family having a fantastic time there!!
Have a good day,Jolanda

Edleen said...

Hi Jaz, *hugs*
Congrats to Faith! you know, i think til now i've not met her yet!!! hehe... soon i hope yeah :)

temp place looks awesome! new place looks awesome too :D maybe we'll crop there once you're settled in yeah ;)

have fun this June!

naddy said...

love how you altered the plan tank top :)

BabyBokChoy said...

Believe me when I say this: everything from your "neck of the woods" looks so so so exotic, even the pool!! There's no pool like that in the U.S. you know, lol! xxoo, congrats to the Ballerina!! xxoo

eMeLiNe Seet said...

enjoy your big big place ! Congrats to the little lady she's growing so beautifully !

Rbarakat said...

That shirt is so lovely - I know she will cherish it even more because her mommy made it! Have fun in your temporary home! Looks lie a vacation place! ENjoy!

Georgina Ooi said...

You are soooo good at being spontaneous! Love the tank top and I'm sure she will cherish it. She is just LOVELY, just like Mommy, hehehe!
Hope you'll have a very good and happy week.