Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Tuesday

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Simon is away. We woke up. walked to the kopishop nearby to have some nice prata for breakfast. headed to a bicycle shop. may get one tiny one for sky. on the way home, dropped byto say hello to uncle Sun Yat Sen .but he was not in. this is where he used to stay when he came to Singapore in 1905. and so the kids got to know him quite a fair bit just now. Had a great time spent with the kids. gonna miss them when school week :(


proud lil sky wif his popcorn before "Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time".
Good movie. enjoyed it so much.

lil Nicole and lil Amanda baked for the first time

just for us. so touched! had a great time catching up with my girlfren C. thx gals for the yummy butter cake ;)

Ticklish?yes?no? lol? Thx girlfren Y for the awesome day out.

Filming : Mediacorp Channel 8 "Lost and Found"
and so we all heard. Rui En takes on Zoe Tay in the main leading female roles in "Channel 8 local drama LOST & FOUND". and then this happens ;)
am honoured to be working with Chen Liping and Rui En onscreen. *smile* .will be appearing twice in the show ;) am the mommy of a missing lil boy Zach. so again, i have to trouble you not to blink your eyes.okie?lol.
but this may be my i may not be able to commit to the long hours filming and having 3kiddos waiting around for me all the time. im so gonna miss this ;) It was always nice to meet up some nice actors...

I will be going down to Laines later to take a snapshot of my class LO. soree to keep you waiting but Will be sharing the peeks with you soon ;) If you wish to view the original samples, they are sitting pretty waiting for you at the store ;) teehee.
tfl and thank you for coming by ;)



Jolanda said...

nice pictures,and what a huge popcorn,hahahaha,if you eat that all you won't have to eat for a whole week!
Have a fab day,Jolanda

Silsine said...

Hi!!!, Thanks for your words. Just taking a break.

But now im coming back. I see that you are busy like allways.

Great photos

Enjoy the week