Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy to go places

Jaz's June Class at Laine's Papeterie and

Hello London
a very BIG THANK YOU, XIE XIE, DOMO ARIGATO , TERIMAKASIH once again to all my friends that came for the class last Saturday. We conquered this album in exactly 3hours and we all had fun. am glad to see the smiles on your faces when we are done with the project,att. your thank yous and touching comments given after each classes make me smile ;)

I am honoured that sweet C has chosen this project to be a gift for her precious nephew from London. Thank you for doin two albums in 3hours ;) teehee that means this project will be 'exported' soon....*smile*

Hello Hong Kong

Home Sweet Home. Inspired by TCR #11.
the lil card is for lil K. He's Kelly's so-called boyfriend. haha...
I don't usually do oh-so-cute cards like this. but glad this turned out cute ;) Thanks Clara for this tri-fold idea ;)
thank you sis fern for all these projects requests. these will be packed and flown to Hong Kong next week. *wink*
Hello Mongolia
Thank you girlfriend J for bringing this lil bundle all the way to Mongolia. *wink*
I sincerely thank you all for coming by. Thank you for letting me share my simple joy. and thank you for all your bloglove ;)



Jolanda said...

ooohhhh Jaz this is so very very very beautiful...
I love the album with the yummy colors...it looks so sweet!!You made a lot of beauty's!
Have a good day,Jolanda

~Sasha Farina~ said...

beautiful album!! and in 3 hours? wow..

sharon Ong said...

Wow!! So many lovely inspirations! And so sweet of you to be sharing your handmade goodies all around the world.

BabyBokChoy said...

Such lovely projects!! You always work into your work so many fantastically fun details!!! 3 hours for that one jam packed mini album, really?!! WOW!!!!!!! thumbs UP!!!

Silsine said...

What a pity to be so far from there.

BUt at least i can see your work thanks to your blog.

又來 said...


Rbarakat said...

Amazing! How do you do it? So many beautiful things! Love it!