Tuesday, November 23, 2010

always............remember november....

i will remember november in a very special way.for the whole month is always filled with nice and warm wishes....as much as i do not want november to go off, but i have to because DECEMBER is another great month to celebrate!!

Webster's Pages :

{sneak peek-a-boo} for my mini class to be conducted at Webter's Pages alongside with many other fab fab projects by the awesome design team. You ought to check us out at inspireMe HERE ;) And for the bloghop, would you like to hop yourselves into getting free stamps??? YES NEW WP STAMPS!!!! and many other goodies?? Read more HERE ;)

On Saturday I had a great class at Laine's .The girls are a wonderful bunch and I am beginning to know each of you better which means a lot to me. thank you for coming to my class and thank you for being my friend ;)

To all of you that my class held on weekdays, i want to say sincere thank you too...

Saturday Evening with The Matsuda's Family

Domo arigato gozainazta to Rei and Mika and their cute juniors rico and shimon. Thank you for your warm friendship and Thank you for the yummy cake from Mika. We all had a great memorable evening. ...
Thank you to all you sweet spuds for following my blog and coming back here with so much love,



Jolanda said...

i love thse papers!!so beautiful!
nice pictures too.
Have a nice day,Jaz.

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Simply breath taking sneaks Jaz! and Nice nice shots too :) !

jonaks said...

stunning sneaks. can't wait to see it in full. for sure, its jaw dropping project.

Sandy Ang said...

The sneak of your mini-class looks great !

Blue Banana said...


E-ZEn! said...

Wow! The recipe box you created is totally amazing!! :D