Sunday, May 30, 2010

May be ending soon...

Papermarket May 2010 : Jaz's "me" Maya Rd canvas album
an album all about me.and me;)

i wonder.why ever so fast. May is ending.Gosh.itz June. in one day's time.
but nevermind, everyday is a gift.that is why it is called the present.rite?

It is easily overlooked that what is now called VINTAGE, was once brand new. i love all things vintage...and herez the two layouts done for Laine's Papeterie MAY2010 : Jaz's Vintage Class

"Memoir of an ANGEL"
this page is dedicated to my godsister ANGELa. she's so beautiful inside out and such a strong yet demure a woman.

this layout comes with a 3fold flip book ;)

"her story"
this page is dedicated to my aunt.she lived a simple kampung life. she had a turkey, 10 chicks, few ducks, a parrot, few pigeons and 3dogs. the other cute animals she had to take care were me and my twin,after school while my parents were in school (both my parents were teachers). she took good care of her papa, her four beautiful children...a year ago she fell very ill and within months, she passed away...she will always stay beautiful in our hearts...

Labrador Park
Sunshine and everything nice

i luff you very muff papa!! (my fav pic ;)

photos taken with my sony ericsson. somemore photos, as some of your gals have seen it @ my FB ;) tfl...

it was Vesak Day on Friday. Simon suggested that we bought some nice food and then we headed to an oasis of tranquility and natural wonder, Labrador Park. It was a day to just bask in the sun and the queit charm of nature, Soak in the sight and smell of nature....

I hope you are all doing fine. I thank you for all the love you left me. I thank you for new followers too ;)
to all my silent readers {teehee i know who you are}, i want to say hello too. thank you for taking time to drop by. i hope to see you gals soon ;)
lotsa love,



Silsine said...

Hi Jaz!!, Sorry about your lost. its have to be a little hard but with the time all of you fell better.

The mini, is amazing, like everything you do.


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Your layout is so beautiful, and my heart goes out to you my friend. What a hard experience to endure.
Angela - what a fitting name for her sweet soul. She is with the angels now, and I know she is always with you! love you my friend....xoxo deb

BabyBokChoy said...

Your photos are so brilliant, I really love looking at them. The layouts are just out of this world, the one about simple Kampung life, wowowowow!! I particular ADORE that one!! sorry about your loss but what a tribute layout that is!!!

shaggyfish said...

love all the photos @ labrador! im sure u will translate into more beautiful n inspiring layouts:))

Rachel said...

I attended your 'Story' class Jaz =)

Love the output to bits!! First time trying out vintage style and am so happy I went for it.