Thursday, May 6, 2010

............Jaz being happy wif simple blessings

Papermarket : Jaz April 2010 "Vintage" Class
I especially love this layout that has 9 lil 9x9 boards. i had a bunch of fun gals wif me at the class and we all had fun. so,from the bottom of my heart, thank you ladies for coming ;)

Laine's Papeterie : Jaz April 2010 "PRIMA-Garden" Class

Flowers always make people better and happier, they are sunshine to the soul. Thank you girls for the fabulous flower time together ;)
Some simple gifts for some nice frenz ;)

....taken while simon take off to be with us at home...we hang out at the beach every other day lol

and then kai did some magic show for us at home. lol not home, at the Singapore Science Centre. Lil skyler had requested to 'go see woody wooody' ;)


i don't usually blog about food but wif simon home with us, we seems to be going out to makan so often. o Lord, im getting fat!!! lol but simple blessings like these, to be able to spend quality nice time with simon, especially when they older two kiddos are in school and skyler in dreamland...hmm...NICE ;)
to all my dear frenz that come by, i want to say thank you once again for being there for me. nice frenz ive met in this scrapbooking journey of mine, so thank you very much...

muackk for all the bloglove ;)



BabyBokChoy said...

Wow, love your creations Jaz, so much to see!! and whoa, yummy food!!!

Sindy said...

U fat???? Never!!! It's a blessing to spend time with loved ones! :)

Tomoko said...

Looks yummy:)
Always looooooove your work of art!!!!

sharon Ong said...

So beautiful Jaz! Eh, why you never show the hidden journaling under the skirt?! That was brilliant!

Coochies & All said...

If you're fat, I'm a bowling ball jaz!! beautiful photos you have - I know how you feel having simon around. :) Enjoy!!
elaine t

playfulmeowz said... fat? aiyo, then I will be humongous!

PS: I finally met you in person at PM with Medrey last week when I was in Singapore. Just to let you know I had admired your works for a long time and never knew how to put so much into my LO without it being OTT!