Saturday, May 23, 2009

wooooooo .....What a HOT saturDAY

This morning was one of the mornings that the family feels like having our breakfast at the park. We tapao aka packed our fav food and went to the McRitchie Reservoir. Gosh it was HORT!!!
But kids had fun. Am glad to enjoy the serenity of the place. and while simon was walking with the kidz, i was alone for awhile and looking at them from afar,seeing the happy family that i have... with 3kiddos now (although i always think im just a mommy of one,and then when i see three around me, i wanna flipped!! but then,after that i never fail to smile and thank God for them).
I guess i managed to sort out some thots. That I know i worry and can't let go of things when i think about things that relate to my children. But am glad when i met them again after that at the exit, i ended up with happy and hopeful thots that those worries can never overwhelm me because my need to protect my children is so great. I want my children to know, how deeply I care for them.

Though it was super duper hot, am glad i managed to take some pics,especially with each and every child of mine. It's a nice family outing.
I hope you all have a great weekend too. Thank you for visiting ;)

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Blue Banana said...

Gorgeous kids! Gorgeous photos and ... GORGEOUS family!!! Glad you had a great time under that burning sun!! ;D