Tuesday, May 19, 2009

u know how glad i am to be back...

a lil musical boz that was given to Faith as a gift 5years ago. I altered it with Webster's Pages beautiful paper.How i love Faith standing there greeting me once the door is opened.luv that smile!
She's been waiting for such a long time to see this. Am glad she loves it.

Oooops i did it again was a layout i did for ScrapHeaven Pop Music challenge. A layout that i did on lil Skyler minutes after he was born,i especially love this pic whereby we have not even cut his umbilical cort yet!So raw and fresh !
!Journalling" I promised not to have another baby when i had Kai 8years ago. But i did it again with Faith and then Sky. Im glad however that the Lord allowed me such courage and then pop out you (sky) came. And with this courage, i am once again blessed.to be a mother.for the 3rd time"

This was the frame that i did for ScrapHeaven's mini class "A picture worth a thousand words".The top piece was slightly altered from the 2nd frane.

a lil prima tin box that i did up for jas,a very nice friend of mine. hope she likes it.
I hope everyone is doing fine. Once again thank you for all the lovely comments. So appreciate each and every comments.always make me smile!

Guess exam week is coming to an end for most of our kids.Kai and Faith came back with grades that I am happy with. *wiping off the perspiration from my face*. and as for mommy, YEEE-HUUUU back to scrapping!!!
If you wanna try for the Design team and card Designer at scrapheaven,check out the infos here. And there's a My Mind's Eye Challenge goin on too.
btw, wish Faith goodluck ;) Faith is going for an audition tomorrow at Mediacorp.Apparently a kind friend there, sort of "spotted" her and arranged for the audition. So sweet of J. but Faith may not be so well versed in Mandarin but i guess we will just give it a try. I think i will be the one that will pee in the pants ooopps!
Well, i hope my scrapper friends are enjoying scrapping and the non-scrappers are enjoying your everyday life. Have a great Wednesday to all that come by ;)


Edleen said...

Jaz, Gorgeous work as always :)

so, see you next week yeah!
Kopi was good today but not so much without you..hehe

Blue Banana said...

Totally love the prima box you altered! Love the rose!!!

Joyce Chan said...

Love the musical box.. I can understand why Faith cant wait to see the box, its so sweet.

Love the lo with your children!

sharon Ong said...

Love the little 'cupboard' Jaz! and the layouts too - very beautiful!

naddy said...

Gorgeous creations Jaz... :)

Chok Keun said...

Love the beautifully altered music box...

Coochies & All said...

Your work is gorgeous!! I'm sure if I were to see them in person, I'll faint - they will definitely blow me away.
Thanks so much for your wonderful compliments too - appreciate that.
My kid's exams are also just over and the results weren't that great unfortunately. Hope you can share with me how you coach your kids to achieve such good results, coz I think I'm doing something wrong at my end. I'm just not a good mother.
So happy to hear about Faith's audition! Hope she'll get the part! :)
elaine t

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Stunning distressing and layering darl! Inspiring works.TFS!