Wednesday, August 15, 2012

my sweet week..

 I was out for a dinner with my galfrenz.came home and saw this.
melts my heart...
 thank you sweet faith!!! mommy loves you too!! very much.

Taking a break from everything scary related to psle lol.
We had fun at Garden By the Bay...

And sweet K (esta's bff ) held a surprise party for esta at Dempsey.
I couldn't stay for long, felt so bad but am
glad i managed to attend, took some hapee shots,
had some nice curry chicken wif sky
and had the greatest AUGsome time wif
esta and the girls.

Thx for dropping by. 
Have a great Thurs to all!



Lizzy Hill said...

Gee, what a fabulous time you've been having! Great happy snaps:):):)

pattyo said...

Wonderful photos!

mignonnelulu said...

thanks for always keeping us in a special place in your big heart!!