Sunday, August 5, 2012

Certified Educator @ Webster's Pages

Sue Aldred (USA) her blog
 Steph Ackerman (USA) her blog
Maggie Armstrong (New Zealand) her blog
Anna Belyanina (Kazakhstan) her blog
Michelle Hartjes (Australia) her blog
Jaz Lee Soo Hui (Singapore) her blog
Trina McClune (New Zealand) her blog
Jing van Opstal (United Arab Emirates) her blog
Christine Ousley (USA) her blog
Mona Pendleton (USA) her blog
Candy Rosenberg (USA) her blog
Emeline Seet (Singapore) her blog
Shemaine Smith (USA) her blog
Emma Trout (UK) her blog
Iris Babao Uy (Philippines) her blog

from Webster's Pages Blog....

We are so proud to have these talented ladies teach & inspire us all. You can follow their classes by visiting their blogs & writing to them for classes & schedules. Boy...wouldn't I love & NEED to take a class with any one of them!

If you would like to be a Certified Webster's Pages Educator, please write to Brandin! WP select & grow our team monthly, so we'd love to hear from you!



Jolaine Frias said...

Hi Jaz! Huge congrats. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring and you have such a sweet and bubbly personality that I'm sure each one of your classes is a creative party. Cheers!

Tomoko said...

Huge congrats my friend!!!! I love you class!