Sunday, October 23, 2011

sweet sweet september...

Nice tea party,
just you and me,
sweet and lovely,
just like our friendship..

don't forget me,
for i will not forget you.
having you in my life,
it's more than i
could ask for.

stay close to me deyna.
i love you...just the way you are.



Sue Lui said...

Your photos are always so pretty, Jaz. Where do you go to take them?

Creative Busy Bee said...

Lovely photos.

Blossom inch said...

did you go and arranged for a photo shoot sessions with all the girls, are you the photographer? are you the one who brought all the props and dressed them up? What a gorgeous idea and beautiful shots! awesome pics and great for scrapbooking.

Tomoko said...

Beautiful photos!!!!

sharon Ong said...

such lovely photos - you really captured the moment!

Marina said...

Oh my Jaz, those photos of your girls are lovely! They are really photogenic and I love the post processing of the pics! Did you edit the pics on your own?

pattyo said...

Fabulous photos, Jaz!

Sandy Ang said...

Absolutely fantastic photos !