Sunday, October 30, 2011

Glue Arts x Webster's Pages equals perfection

a swap between WP and Glue Arts brings so much excitement.
I can't stop smiling at this GlueGlider, it kinda like itz a product
from hello kitty kekekeke
sweet colour and my, it works wonderfully PRO!
Love GA products!!!

Layout " Lucas"
a simple theme layout for Yin, Congrats on
on your new bundle of joy.
Enjoy mommyhood ;)

Altered "cartwheel"

Love how Glue Arts adhesive helps to hold up evrything I did here!
Thank you Webster's Pages and thank you GlueArts for
all the FUN!!



BabyBokChoy said...

Your project, well, amazing!!!!

pattyo said...

Oh, how pretty both projects are! I love butterflies and love how you used them on the cart.

Sue Lui said...

I like that layout with all the white space, Jaz. So unlike you. ;) And that altered cart is cute. You know, you should consider taking little girl photos for clients. They're really lovely.

Blossom inch said...

bak mai sini the GA!! bestnyer Jaz!!!
those are gorgeous projects of them both!

Janetcraft said...

oh dear Jazzzzz..your projects are always amazingly of its own..
buttterflies and layerings are your trademark! So irresistable to see them all...
and truly thanks for hopping by, I am so honoured to have your comments! Chao..!

Shellye said...

stunning! i love your work, jaz!

Maria said...

great projects

Mag said...

Wonderful layout ! So Soft !

mignonnelulu said...

the cart looks too lovely to be pushed around...i fits nicely in a secret garden somewhere...where the leaves are always green and the flowers always blossoming!!