Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday Baptism

Easter Sunday Baptism 2011
Queenstown Baptist Church

Hello Friends,
Thank you sisters and brothers. Thank you friends for being there for us in this milestone ;)
Simon and I were asked to share our testimony that morning before our Baptism...In our weakness, God is glorified. with my jelly legs and all standing in front of the congregation that day, but through God's grace, the message was delivered....

To those of you that come by here, i pray you are lifted by this message too and keep your faith ;)
Here's our testimony ....

Good morning brothers&sisters in Christ,
Ten years ago,our son Nowis Xu Kai was born.
He was hospitalized when he was one month old.

The gastro-intestinal medical specialist came and told us that Kai had a condition whereby there was a twisting of his malrotated intestines and it could be potentially fatal. he had to be operated immediately.They explained that due to his young age, not the operation but the hi level of anaethestic would be life threatening. simon was home to get our things, i was asked to sign a form that says that the consequences was that kai may end up being a vegetable. As a new mother I cried non stop.within few hours, kai was wheeled into the operating theatre .Kai came out about 3hours later with so many tubes on him. we were lucky then, for Within a week we all could go home. We were overjoyed.

but few weeks after that, one morning Kai was crying very badly. His stomach was bloated. Again we rushed him to KK Hospital. He was scheduled for an ops immediately. .as non believers, we both felt so hopeless, nothing we could do. and i kept worrying even if he gets through this, when is the next?

During the saddest moment of my life, i remembered my then colleage the kind Chee Wah.Chee Wah was always trying to talk to me about the Lord as we were in the same office. He would always ask me for lunch , i went with him a few times but to me then, the lunch always got so boring because he would always preach for at least an hour about God's words. I was always so sleepy listening to him. after a few times lunching with him, i dedcided that i would hide in the toilet during the next lunch time. in order not for him to suspect that, i would first say "YES " to his lunch appt. But i would kept very queit in the toilet while i hear him calling out for me. when i hear his footsteps fading, i would then come out frm my hiding.but God found me ....

Bk at the hospital As I was attending to Kai who was still struggling for his life, I decided to call Chee Wah.I told him i want to know more about 'his' God. the one he claims can heal and do anythign for us,

Bro Chee wah then sent an angel. she is Sister Helena.Her soft voice and tender loving way of attending to us, showed me a new whole world of what a great example of Christian is like.Sister Helena came almost everyday and shared about Jesus. I remembered asking her if I believe in Jesus, will He heal my son.Two weeks after that I accepted the Lord. My faith grew and i began to learn & trust the Lord
There were love shown from other families. The Christian family who was next bed to us, lost their child but came back to the hospital to pray with us. Another Christian family who was struggling with their critical condition child never forget to come over to pray with us every nite.

The road to recovery for Kai was not immediate .After his 2nd major ops, he was not eating and he was havin hi fever all the time. The doctors were at their wit's end and scheduled another operation if Kai's condition did not improve. KKH also gave us the option to trf kai out to another hospital.I cried badly,we were already exhauted.& i havent been home for a month!!.I began to think that God was not listening to my prayer.

This was the time that i was also struggling with simon's acceptance of the Lord. He was always nowhere to be found whenever Sister Helena and Pastor Joseph came. I knew it was difficult for him just like what i had went thru with cheewah.

As Kai's condition got worse, Simon knew that we have nothing and no one else except the Lord. Simon was born a Taoist. Din't have any religion to fall back to. In the hospitals so many Christians came and bless us so abundantly with love, care, and so much so much of everything we needed. He read the bible Pasam 23 and the passage touched his heart. He know the message was from God.for him. He accepted the Lord.

That nite after simon and i prayed, I felt an unspeakable peace in my mind..i remember telling simon" i just knew it that kai will be fine tomorrow". indeed the next day, kai started taking his milk and the fever was gone.

I thank God for being faithful and keeping His promise according to Matthew 18:19:

"If two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my Father in heaven will do it for you."

I want to encourage anyone who needs healing to trust in God. He has been faithful to my family. Anytime I have needed healing for my family, He has kept his promise.

Till the day we grow old, with this testimony our faith will not fade but will continue to declare God's love.and share fr generation to generation.

today i have father Lord to thank, my family and friends from all over.and To queenstown baptish church and Sister Helena, thank you!

to everyone here today,thank you for being here and sharing this important time of our life.

thank you;)



Creative Busy Bee said...

Thank you for sharing this....Your children will growing healty and happily!

Juanna Hope Sia said...

praise God (: thank you for sharing your testimony. God is good (:

joyce chew said...

Jaz this is amazing testimony! Yes the lord will never forsake us. All it takes is for us to believe n spread his love and it's when we truly surrender that He heals..

BabyBokChoy said...

Jaz, this is a moving testimony and I am privileged to read this, your journey to Christ. He did not promise a life without pain or suffering, but He does promise that in Him, we will have peace, love, and everlasting hope. God bless you and yours! He is Risen for us.

Selena said...

What a beautiful testimony, Jaz! Praise God for His faithfulness!

pattyo said...

How beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! I myself have seen the Lord work wonders, although I do know that life if not without pain and suffering. Even with that, faith in the Lord gives us strength.

sharon Ong said...

Thank you for sharing this Jaz!! :) So glad that you are not just my scrapping sister but my sister in Christ also! That's an amazing testimony!

Manis ;) said...

My Lovely Sister... I am so touched to read ur Testimony. I remember u shared with me before last time, but I still teared when I read it. Really Touch. God Is Great :) May He Blessed All of us :) I also wish to have All my family Members to Believe in Him :)
I am Really So Happy for you :)
God Bless. Hugs Hugs :)

Blue Banana said...

This is so wonderful! Congrats Jazzie babe!

Audrey Pettit said...

Beautiful story, Jaz! Thank you for sharing!

mignonnelulu said...

A truly touching story...this is how much our Heavenly Father loves us. It's such a moving testimony...i'm sure many in the congregation were touched to tears when you shared on sunday..i know i was!!

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

What a heart warming story. I'm glad he's better now as I see a young strapping man! Good to know you can rely on God in your darkest hour.

Alinsy's Creation said...

I always visit your blog. Love your work. When I was reading this post. Tears flows. It must be hard for you during the time. I was born a in a Buddhism. I started praying to god last year. He heard me. I cannot consider as a Christian now but, I believe that he is there. May god bless you.

Ying Pang, said...

I am so touch with your sharing and testimony, yes, Lord is Lord and He can do anything and everything :-)) Your creation is amazing so as our Lord.
God bless to you and your family.

Ying from Malaysia.