Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today's update...

Layout "cello"
{this photo of my hubby plus his new toy is so handsome hehe. we took this photo during cny and I was so inspired to do up a page for dearest him. ;) Thank you for the beautiful music you play in my life }

Layout "you are beautiful"
{thank you Miyaco for this beautiful wedding photo.Wish you lots of love and happiness ;)}

Blessed Birthday Dylan ;)
I have been invited to one of the most fun Birthday Party last week. N's lil prince turned 2 and this is one of my gifts for Dylan ;) Blessed Birthday lil Dylan. Wishing you lots of love ;)

*wipe perspiration* no flowers. only dried flowers. lol.

How is everyone doing? I hope you are fine ;)
I will be updating details for my April's classes soon. For both Papermarket and Laine's Papeterie ;) For those of you sweet gals attending my class tomorrow, you will be the first to view them teehee ;)

I have to inform you that I will be teaching only two Sundays monthly. I love you gals so much and everyone mean a lot to me, the class projects that I create monthly are with much dedication and commitment plus passion and love *blush* but due to family commitments, I will be teaching only once in Laine's and once in Papermarket monthly. There will be another 3classes running for the month, they will be taught by either Merdrey or Shirley or Sharon. Thank you Mer, Shir and Sharon for your assistance. and Thank you everyone for the kind support you give....;)

I hope to be able to do more teaching in the near future ;) *wink* so wait for me *lol*

Thank you for visiting. lots of switlove from,


BabyBokChoy said...

That cello layout is so breathtaking! love love love them all!

Tan E-Zen said...

So nice!!!:D and........
OH YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! we get to see the layout first?! Yay!:D now you r making me more excited!!! Hehe. *wipes sweat* made 2 layouts for you:) later I show u Kekekekekeke!;)

Tanya Tahir said...

Your work is absolutely stunning, just so beautiful and breathtaking. Love the Cello layout :)

sweet craf-tea chick said...

your projects are just amazing, miss jaz! love your work so much. always perfectly embellished.
thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog. i wish you a wonderful weekend! big *hugs* steph :)

Jolanda said...

Hi Dear Jaz,i'm fine and after seing your work i'm VERY fine....;))
I LOVE the cello L/O,you luchy one with a husband who's making beautiful music!!
And wow,the other work...breathtaking like always!
You're amazing and sooooo sweet!!
Have a very nice weekend!

Zarah said...

Good grace... I am... blown away. Stunned. Amazed. All of the above, actually. WOW!!!

Lean said...

beautiful work Jazz and have lots of teaching FUN!!!!

Nadhrah Maidin said...

great great project u have there. it was so sweet that u scrap ur hubby pic. Def a handsome guy!

shaggyfish said...

always beautiful and so much of intricate details! and love those beautiful photos of your faith and her cousin!

Bellaidea said...

This is so great!criestyl

mignonnelulu said...

Anyone who has crossed your path in their lifetime are truly bless..coz they can expect to receive a work of art from the master herself ;) This posting shows how versatile you really are...leaving the butterflies behind yet still able to deliver such a LO/album with masculine/boyish touch!

"When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."
-William Arthur Ward

Your work speaks a thousand words...for those in them and also you, yourself!

Blossom inch said...

Jaz dearie, I totally love the layout you did for your other half, the second layout and the birthday gift for Dylan. You are so talented and you truly inspire me...thanks for sharing all your work with us. Can't wait to see/meet/hug you again. xoxo

Jaime Lee said...

Both of the works are absolutely Beautiful!! I wish I stay in Spore and get to scrap together with you (lol) I would love to attend one of your class if time permits :D. Great inspiration!!

Miyako Nishida said...