Sunday, March 13, 2011

saYIN chesse .together.

thank you YIN for coming back to visit us. We had a great tea party catching up and had so much fun and laughter!!! Thanks all for making time to come by my house as I can't get out certains days as I have irregular timings to pick the kids up from school.

As I look at these photos, it makse me smile. how we have found each other through scrapbooking and how this friendship has developed ,from the first time we all met.

As I was reading an article the other day, it says a successful person has friends and not contacts. so thank you girls ( and err also guys ;) , for your sweetness and for being my friend ;), if you are reading this from London, i love the movenpick cappucino! sipping while blogging *mmmmm*



mignonnelulu said...

Love d title of dis blog! SaYIN!! So glad Yin cld still pop by sin to see us! Hope to be able to see her (n her baby bump) June!! Love d pics Jaz, esp d last one ;)

Wen Yin said...

Thanks for hosting us Jaz! Like Lulu said, love the title of this blog, so sweet :) Looking forward to meet up in June if possible. By then, I'll be a FAT Yin haha...