Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Papermarket and Laine's:Jaz's March 2011 Classes

LAINE'S PAPETERIE : Jaz's March 2011 Altered 7G Tray.
"memories made in Japan"

Altered 7G Tray.
The Small Vintage Receipt Holder has 4 clip sections. It can also be hung by its chain It is just at the right size for those of you tight on wall space... or you can combine a few for a gallery!

When Sharon assigned me this piece of tray I kept seeing it as a mouse trap. lol! I stared at it and stoked this interesting tray for awhile now. I have seen many gorgeous results from artists all around and I got inspired and did it the JAZ style ;) and finally ta-dah...the project is ready! And loving it too! I hope you like it ;) teehee ;)

So are you ready to play with this tray?

Please kindly call Laine's Papeterie at 63336831 for registration and just to let you know that I will be sending this project down to store on Wednesday ;)

Thank you ;)

PAPERMARKET : Jaz's March 2011 Webster's Pages 2-Layout Class
Layout 1: "love me"

This is a page with a sort of little mini album attached to the page. Telling the stories of the people you love, with multiple photos in one layout and creating a keepsake that will last for a long time to come. A page filled with yummy goodies and love ;)

Layout 2 : "believe"
Am having a little change of style here. Shabby yet clean and with cutouts to embellish the page and then soft misting...... I got excited when my mom told me how much she loves this page, when she came over last week ;) I like it too and I hope you will too ;)

You may call Papermarket at 63339007 for registration. I will also be sending down the projects tomorrow (wed). C ya!

Thank you everyone for coming by and am excited to see new friends here too ;) Sincere thank you and see you around and in the blogworld soon ;)

Lotsa love,


{E-ZEn} said...

Oh my WOW!!! GREAT projects!! Love it.... Now I must decide which to go.. *scratches chin* haha

Jolanda said...

OOOOHHHH Jaz,everytime i come over here i'm in love...hehehe...your work is so very beautiful....can't stop looking at all the beauty and love you put in your work!Amazing!!
Have a very nice day.

Jolanda said...

ooohhh i forgot....the banner of your blog is amazing!!

mignonnelulu said...

Looking at your work just perks any day up... if it's gloomy out, you never fail to be that single ray of sunlight bursting through any minute crack in the dense cloud. And even if it's already sunny with no chance of rain, you're the bird with the loudest chirp, singing away while taking a bath in my garden pond ;)

sharon Ong said...

The projects look soooo beautiful! Thank you Jaz!

k.miller said...

BEAUTIFUL! all of it!

yyam said...

Oh wow! These look amazing!!! :)

pattyo said...

Everything you touch turns into a beautiful work of art! Wish you were nearby so I could attend a class!

Creative Busy Bee said...

Wow Wow! Love so much of your new banner. Its so beuatiful. Love so much of your projects too...love your style!!!

Sabrina said...

Hi Jaz!! Eeeiii you are so incredibly talented!! Yeah yeah I see a lot of you at Papermarket and Laines hehehe!! I feel like taking one back. LOL. Love your new blog design, Jaz!! Take care and happy scrapping!! :)))


Nadhrah Maidin said...

Hmm... looks yummy la. Hope to find time to attend one of your class la. Very tempting!

Blossom inch said...

i wish i can join! gorgeous work done by you as usual, you never fails to impress me la Jaz. Hugs