Friday, February 18, 2011

Joy Luck Club.Penang Place.LNY

When I was young, I always wished that I belonged to a certain groups lol although I was not a voracious reader but Famous Five was one of my atf. I admired the friendships that the kids had and how they team up for the investigations and laughed about Mr Goon, the policeman.

Five Sweet gals met last year and we were named the Joy Luck Club by Ken ;) Herez the three Joylites ;) My o my, my childhood dream has come

No Mr Goon today, but some fun and casual warm friends.E and A are missing here in d photos but we can't wait for the upcuming mee-siam gathering *hint hint* clara. Hope you are not too busy with "xiau chiang" lol

More pics up my FB later ;)

Thank you Joylites for all your love during good and bad times. These friendships mean so much to me.

In my scrapbooking journey I have been blessed with many precious friends besides the joylites and I appreciate each and everyone of you...

Here, I would also like to thank you friends for your beautiful friendships, near or far, I am so happy to have known you. Thank you all for coming by my simple blog and taking time to leave me some lovenotes. And thank you for being a follower ;)

lots of luv,


Tomoko said...

Your blog looks great jaz!!!!! And pretty photos!!

You can email me anytime if you want to do some more editing on your blog:o) I'll tell you what I know:o) Well, I don't know so much!! lol


Jolanda said...

Your blog looks amazing!!!
And i know your story!!!
Have a good weekend Dear Jaz!!

mignonnelulu said...

Thanks for being such a magnanimous friend, always looking out for us n never taking us for granted. U're like a needle in a no..make that a 10carat diamond in a mountain of haystack. Hard to find & once found, such a delight to keep. Your warmth & sincerity makes you one in a million. Joy luck club is truly bless to have you as a Joylite!! Hugs!!!

*fauve* said...

Looks like a great time!

pattyo said...

Love the new look to your blog! It is so nice that you have such a close group of friends. I always look forward to your wonderful inspiration.

Odetta said...

What a lovely story to share and your blog looks beautifully, Jazz.
On my blog you'll find an award for you! Love, Odetta

{E-ZEn} said...

Great great blog!! *sigh* mines so plain:P
Going to your class in march. Jovanne's and my mum promised us . Yay! Maybe my other bffs will go too?