Saturday, September 11, 2010

GULP!!!! this the THE GARB...........

Thank you for letting me share.
my project layout "us" for the japan-osaka class is ready. herez the sneak peek. besides the yummy stuffs, i have also managed to get the 3d metal birdcage to go with this layout.
am also here to share these beautiful photos that i have just received in the email.from dearest friend Tomoko Takahashi. Tomoko is such a warm friend. she does gorgeous work ;) i think when i see her i will just kiss her. ok, just kidding. Tomoko has personally gone down to the cafe THE GARB to check out the place and when i saw these pics, my heart smiles.
I know i share about this before, this is a dream come true for me. i have come a long journey since day one i started scrapbooking. so much bitter-sweet. ive cried many times and i have squelled as many times too haha. today, am glad am to be able to share the love and faith of scrapbooking all the way to my fav Japan. i still cannot believe this is happening and i sincerely want to thank you all those that have made this possible ;)
I heard that there are friends from Tokyo enquiring about the class too. my apology that I am not able to conduct another class at Tokyo at the meantime. am so honoured though and I thank you all the same for your swit support. I really hope so I can do it in the near future ;)
If you have any queries about this, you may email me or Tomoko ;) Domo arigato gozainazta ;)

thank you all for dropping by and thank you for your messages sent to me with lots of love and encouragements ;)
Enjoy your weekend ;)
See some of you fab girls tomorrow at the "Not without my handbag" class ;) love how sharon named each and every of my classes hee ;)



Jolanda said...

hi Jaz,this all looks so beautiful!!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!

Tiffany said...

cant wait to see the rest of it!! My Grandmas name is Tomiko....not sure how close that is to Tomoko.... hehe!! take care!

shaggyfish said...

yesh the place looks beautiful and definitely lots of creative love and lots of fun there toooo!!!
hey, you gonna have a fabulous time :)

Rbarakat said...

Looks fabuluus! Congrats Jaz you deserve it!

deana said...

You deserve all the best, Jaz! What a great opportunity for you!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!