Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dreams that I would like to share wif you for August...

i was at Laine's to submit my final project. it was like monsoon with palm tress sweeping the road. mom and i had a wet journey and we were happy when we got to Laine's. Shirley was taking my "MS Glitter class". As I walked in, i was unable to speak for the longest time. although i see very familiar faces and some new frens whom i wish to say hello to. and when i could find my voice, i controlled my tears and i managed to say "Thank you ladies,for making it to my class. itz thunderstorm out there, and to see so many of you girls here now, im so thank ful". I really do. Sincere thank yous to all that came and are coming to my classes."

Your kindest comments and emails has been so overwhelming. and to hear them in irl...sniff sniff...xiexie. {photo taken by merdrey}

Laine's Papeterie : Jaz's August Class

This is a one layout class. When Sharon passed me the kit to play with for this class i was delighted to see the pretty stuffs from GCD melody ross. and to play with the theme gypsy sounded a lil bit alien to me at first. but as i was working on this page, i began to had so much fun. i was very inspired by this dreamy photo. Thank you Amanda, for letting me use this gorgeous photo of yours for my class....

Do drop by to see the original sample at the store. As you all know, i LOVEEEEEEE butterflies. I like to play with them in different ways........see if you like the flying-journalling-butterfly on the page, as much as I do.teehee...

Endless thank yous...

Laine'sPapeterie : Webster's Pages : Jaz's August Class

Layout 1 : {the portrait of me}

Layout 2 : {my boy}

3 hours, 2layouts plus lots of fun! One layout with vintage pink and feminine touches, I will show you how to make flowers with the old storybook papers . Handmade flowers are beautiful accents on layouts ;)

The boy layout will be a slide of fun! check it out yourself..hint hint! answer : satay stick!!! teehee

Original copies are already at athe store too;) for registration, please drop by Laine's Papeterie or call us at 63336831. Thank you so very much ;)

PaPerMarket : August Class "Jaz & Merdrey"

this is just oh-so-very-Fun. we are doing it again!! A layout from me and a layout from Merdrey, 2sweet stuffs from two sweet girls ( er-herm)...lot's of fun with peek-a-boos and having fun with American Crafts ;). This is a sneak from my layout. Check out Merdrey's fabulous piece at PaPermarket ;)

Last but not least, something tweet is happening!! I can't tweet much about it yet. so do come back soon to get updated. Don't miss the FUN ! See you back here soon ;) At the meantime, this is all that i can tease you with now. see below...................*grin*

{img taken from scrapcene.com}

Thank you once again for leaving lovely comments for me everytime you are here. I appreciate this scrapbooking journey that I travelled, and will be travelling with you gals each and every day ;)
Thank you Elaine and Sharon, for just everything....

Lots of love from,




Jolanda said...

wow,this is all amazing,so very pure and beautiful!!!The class looks very happy,i can see it was a very nice day!!

Odetta's Scrap-walk-in-closet said...

Hi Jaz! Everything looks very promising to me! It must be very nice to be in your class! Kind regards, Odetta

Renata T said...

Oh Jaz, why our countries are so far far away!!!! :^(
Amazing pictures, lots of fun in your special class day!!
Waiting for more pictures!!
Oh, check my blog, I posted your vintage photo challenge!
So special!!
Beijos ;^D

Silsine said...

ohh I want to be there!!!!!

Lean said...

Looks great your class...its a little to far on my bike[lol]I hope to see some more soon.
byebye,Lean have fun!!!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

LOOKING GREAT !! All your wonderful sneaks and pics ! hope u're doin Great too !