Monday, March 29, 2010

Layout "mika and me"
I want to thank mika for this wonderful genuine friendship you have given me. at times we may struggle with our communications but never once we had nothing to talk about. you are a pleasant friend i met from a very interesting encounter.i wish us lots of love in the friendship ;) domo arigato.

Layout "wish".
using webster's pages and prima. and a fav photo of myself. i thank my twin for the lil charm that has my name 'jazlee' printed on it ;) a layout about my wishes in life....

Donna Downey and me!!!
@ the Fairmont Hotel. Creative Papermarket. 27 March 2010.
To have met the famous Donna Downey is definitely another of my wishes come true. Thank you Papermarket for this great opportunity ;) Thank you Donna for your warm company. {more pics at my facebook}
Poppy Flowers!!!
makes me and Faith, two very happy people. thank you Irene for these beautiful creations of yours. love them to depth !!!
{ the pink one is faith's }

larger view of faith's new fav blouse ;) thank you aunt irene ;)

Royal Academy of Dance.
Faith had her ballet exam last thursday. i had butterflies in my stomach for the whole morning. not her. practise practse practise...minutes before the examination... {more pics at my facebook}

" all ready mommy"...

my apology for being so queit lately. have been busy with a lil bit here and there and this and that. but a great month of march i have to say.
i thank you gals for faithfully coming back here to visit me. and for all your bloglove...muaccckk! i must also thank all that follows my blog. Endless thanxxx!!



deana said...

Your LO's are stunning, Jazz. You are the queen of layering all things pretty!

I adore those new blouses from Aunt Irene, too!

Have a great week!

Bhane said...

wow Jaz, your layout Wish is a jaw dropper.... so amazing! i love it!

BabyBokChoy said...

I can see that first layout and your picture with Donna!!! the other pictures aren't loading for me right now but I will try again later!!! That first one, seriously, you need to photoshop me in there next to you two :) that'll be even better, LOL

eMeLiNe Seet said...

fab gorgeous layers Jaz...

Darien said...

So Gorgeous!!!! I Always love your los!!! And the beautiful pictures!!!!

Blue Banana said...

Simply stunning! And I'm glad you are enjoying those poppies! Thanks.

Rbarakat said...

beautiful girlie!

Silsine said...

What lovely Lo, its amazing Jazz.

Coochies & All said...

Everything here is amazing Jaz!! I am just so very happy for you!! :)
elaine t