Friday, March 19, 2010

so March to talk about...

Irene and me.
"God puts a certain people in our life for a reason.and whatever reason God had in mind, for putting you into mine, I don't mind. i am just thankful He did."

Layout "sweet story.of heidi and skyler".
for YSS March 2010 GDT.

Layout {of a good life}.
for YSS March 2010 GDT.
a kawaii photo. er-herm taken by me...;)
of my girlfriend joenna and her darling dd rachell.

Layout "Juz can't love you enuf"
i adore this photo.of sky and papa.
This is my sharing at Create-each-day @ Bad Girls.Inspired by avocado & turqouise. do drop by the Bad Girls forum and the Bad Girls blog ;)

photo courtesy of creative mint.
"Xiang wo ni ter shou" ( Hands to hold)
Chn 8 . 7pm drama. for the fun of it. and had fun with the gals ;) Had a great opportunity to meet some of my fav casts;) thank you all for your calls, smses to hubby and me lol, @ FB.teehee.

Sincerely thanks to all your blog love. Appreciate them loads.
Also, many thanx for being a follower fo my blog ;) Blessed weekend to all ;)




Tomoko said...

The use of the colors are AMAZING, Jaz!!!!!

BabyBokChoy said...

Love love the layering and all these very complex elements work together so great on your layouts!! A simple scrapper like me, just can't work those layers like you can, fabulous stuff!!!

Wendy Kwok said...

oh, cool.. I watch that TV slot.. I was screaming to my kids... come watch Auntie Jaz!!! My elder girl remembered you, meeting in Queenstown library. You did some lovely work for YSS this month.

Stacy Cohen said...

AMAZING work! I just wish I could see your layouts up close and in person so that I could really see all the tiny details!

Blue Banana said...

I had a wonderful time, sista! Thank you once again for the lovely company and the birthday care ... is a bomb!! You know how much i adore your work.

anne76 said...

wahooooooooooo!! it's so good!!! bravo!!!!! this colors are nice!!! bizzzzzzzz

sharon Ong said...

Wow! Da Ming Sing!!!! Woohoo! haha! Seriously, it looks like you had fun! And great job on those layouts as always!

Coochies & All said...

Good grief Jaz! I just came back from a week at my MIL's house in klang, and I missed so much at your blog, esp your tv appearance! Sob... Hope they'll repeat it someday. Outstanding work Jaz - you never fail to amaze me. Totally in love with your YSS projects - amazing. :)
elaine t

Rbarakat said...

Gorgeous!!These came out beautifully! I love all the details!!

Cris said...

beautiful work Jaz! You are so great with the layering and details. Wish could be a fly on the wall and watch you create these masterpieces in person! When are you coming to the States to teach?

teacher jessy said...

Oh wow!! You appeared on TV... wonder if we see the clip... hehehe. Love what you do... you have "the wonderful hands" when it comes with layering!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Shirley said...

I missed that TV appearance!! Did you record?!
And wow! I have not been coming to your blog for so long and I've got so much eye candy to see!

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Ohhh, now a superstar to add to your resume! LOL! Fabulous LOs! You sure know how to work those layers!