Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a new dawn. a new day.a new birdcage.

New birdcage !!! i totally love it!!!

Am using this for my latest album done with Melody Ross Mini Album kit. I am in love with her pretty products. They seems to be made for me. {guffaws}

Album : You are Home To Me .

Album Cover.

Album Page 1

Album Page 2

Album Page 3

Album Page 4

Album Page 5

Album Page 6

Album Page 7

Album Page 8

Outing last Sunday
Had great time with the Lee Sisters and families. We had fun at the OMG so fun pool at Sengkang Sports Hall Thereafter followd by a great badminton session. and then kite flying!! no photos of my kite cox it din't fly. err...cannot fly.sob sob. But we realised that we don't really have to fly one. because we just have to look at the sky, the other kites
I am always so looking forward to outings like these. the kids had fun and so do the mommies. Always so much to much to eat {sigh}. all day
Thank you all for your bloglove.
and I see new friends aka fans here. Muackkk!!!


Tomoko said...

Amazing work, Jaz!!!!! You need to teach me how to make those stunning minis of yours!!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! That mini is absolutely gorgeous, Jaz! Stunning! Maybe my favorite of your work, evah!
And how fun to see those happy photos of you guys enjoying some fun in the sun.
Have a great day!

BabyBokChoy said...

What an amazingly beautiful mini-album, it just makes me drool with envy, it is stunning!!!! You look so happy and what a bunch of wonderful photos.

Well, I'm glad you are having sun and fun, lol, still frozen where I am, :( lol

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Gorgeous photos Jaz ! sunday so much stamina ah :) amazing details on the album PREcious !

sharon Ong said...

So pretty!!!! I think that collection was designed with you in mind Jaz!

Sindy said...

So lovely! It just makes my heart goes "Wow"!!!

Blue Banana said...

Wow! The album is stunning, Jazzie babe! And I totally love the pictures!!

deana said...

Your photos are adorable & that mini is stunning!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend, Jaz!