Friday, November 27, 2009

Naughty or Nice.Good or Bad.

looooove this LV @ Takashimaya Orchard Rd ;)

we all had a deer time at Orchard Road ! Took the above pics with Kai & Faith while Sky was zzzz-ing in his stroller last Thursday. Not fantastic shots though lol but just some nice time spent with the kiddos ;)

We all had BBB fun {busy but blessed} time together. with ma in town and sisters came visiting.we had nice lunch at Crystal Jade @ PS. Proceed to ION Orchard and enjoyed the bling bling decorations.err...bling bling sounds so familiar. lol

actually therez 18 of us!!! so was definitely a big crowd. could not get perfect shots of everyone lol so just bits here and there ;)

Have a great Saturday to all ;)


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Blue Banana said...

Lovely pictures, babe! ;) Scrap them! Scrap them!! I need some inspiration!! LOL