Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Girls Nite Out. China One

wif my twin suzanne

me, clara and cameron.

kristina,jeen suzanne and me

pat,me and the birthday gal celest

the twins and celest

Date: 20 November 09
Time: 10pm
Venue: China One. Clarke Quay.
Girls Nite Out with a bunch of hot mamas.To celebrate Celest's Birthday. Had a blast. Have known Celest for 8 years now. My first years of motherhood was spent mostly with Celest. I thank you for guiding me and being there for me all the time. I owe part of who i am today to you and I want to thank you for that. I wish you Celest a very special Birthday because you are......
I thank deeeeearest simon for taking the 3kids while I had my happy hour with the gals. teehee..
And to all that come by, I appreciate all the bloglove and I spy some new 'followers' here ....I want to say thank you for taking time off to drop by and view my work. Your comments always make me smile ;)


Jude said...

Hi Jaz,
You Gal's look the "DOLLS", what neat pictures, you all look so happy. carnt wait 2 C what you do with these pictures. Just love UR work, true inspiration JAZ.
Arohanui XXxx

Darien said...

hi Jaz!!! How much fun!!!! I need one girl night out soon!!!!!!!!
You all look beautiful!!!!!

Blue Banana said...

Oh cool! This is so happening! Everyone look so gorgeous!!

~~Audrey~~ said...

Oh man, you do look sexy! Clara's looking good too. Send my birthday wishes to Celeste!