Saturday, October 3, 2009

itz been a week....

I am not sure about you gals. But since day one I started scrapbooking, I just love bird cages. I don't know why. I just love them. And I spotted this at the MNG by MANGO outlet along Orchard Road ;)

The Ferari race and craze came back. We were at ION Orchard and the kids got hot with these ;)

Eeeek my office building ;) The LSS Laine's Papeterie that Im designing and teaching at, is located at the 2nd floor of this building.the Wheelock Place @ Orchard Road. I likd it that everytime Kai goes by here, he'll say "WAH momy your office so nice"....*wink* .do come visit us if you are in Singapore won't you. And to all my local scrapper frenz....see you there .anytime.....hee
Oh, yes, I have to mention that the Webster's Pages class that I am teaching is almost full. *blush*. thank you gals. see you at my first class 10-10-10. {10 oct 10 am}.

ION Orchard. Cool building. Cool stuffs. Kids had fun @ the water fountain. I can't believe how two rows of about 6 fountains could make them so happy.

Ma is here for a visit. So nice to be able to cath up with lotsa stuffs especially stuffs about pa. Had a great time spent yesterday with ma and sisters. When I reached home, I found myself crying. happy to see ma and that because I appreciate ma making the effort to come all the way and things she shared with us yesterday afternoon were very touching. and that I know, deep inside, I miss pa so much.
Anyway, nothing much being scrapped this week. Been feeling moody about some matters.sigh sigh. but guess i'll just treat it as a splaterred bug in the windshield of my life. Wish me luck on this bug thingy okie.
Do join us at Laines for a very 9s challenge. and share with us your layouts for {Create} October Challenge hosted by me.We would liek to see pages of Hari Raya spent with your friends or loved ones or you may share with us any pages on any celebrations or gatherings. We love to see that.

Thank you for visiting. you know how much that means to me ;) see you gals in the blogworld. ttfn ;)


Princess Gizmo said...

Hi JAz! Ni hao ma?? I'm fine. Anyway it's been awhile i didn't drop by your blog *sigh* I'm busy playing a new role as a mum hahaha... :D

Gosh!! I miss Singapore!! Next time I go there shall we meet?? :)

Princess Gizmo said...

Oh yes I forgot I also beginning to like bird cage!! But don't know yet how is the best way to apply into my scrap.. You're not alone ;)

Ria said...

Hi.....I am Ria, a scrapbookers from Indonesia....I loveeee your style! wohooo.....really do.
And about that bird cage at MANGO display? Me LOVE that too! TOTALLY! I just stop at once in front of the window (shocked my hubby a little bit)and instantly grab my camera! LOL.
Hope we can be friends, Jaz!