Saturday, October 10, 2009

I believe that....

sky is the limit and I want my children to believe in that too. I named my baby number 3 Skyler when he was 3days old in my arms. For I was so overwhelmed with so many chores and new role as a mummy all over again.all single handedly without any helpers. still having to cope with my two elder kids while hubby travels. I remember day 3 when he was home, we were in my room. just me and baby. he cried so much. sigh. I just looked out the window.admire the blue sky and thinking how great the world we're living in. and remind myself how God has guided me through my years with Kai & Faith. and I told myself that Yes, i can do it, matter the name of love. Sky is the limit. and the baby in my arms shall be named Skyler ;)

I am sharing a layout that I have also shared at Buzz and Bloom and Laine's Blog.

a simple notebook for my sis, Yin.

a notebook for my sis, Yen.

a notebook for a friend, a sweet friend Amanda.

Received my DT package from Webster's Pages on last Thursday. Almost kissed the postman. Love love love the bellies. Too prettty for words. This one is a bracelette. love the cameo.

and I did this for my bag. Love the laces and the trims. Sigh pretty things like these makes me crazy lol! had my first class. The class was full, minus J who is on maternity. I sincerely wanna thank, you eleven sweet gals for coming and making this happen. I even had two birthday gals there with me. Gosh, how honoured!!! and Thank you Betty for being around and for the help rendered here and there.aiyo so appreciate ;) Received nice lovely comments from you gals after the class.heavenly.
I din't say this in class but while you gals were busy, and as I look at how much concentration you gals put into making your layouts gorgeous, I smile and think how meaningful and touching to have my art recreated. So that means a lot to me. BIG THANK YOU ;)
Looking forward to see some more new friends @ my second class on the 18th of October ;)
My Webster's Pages class for October is full and on behalf of Laines Papeterie, my sincere apology that we are not taking in anymore students. but AHAA!!! do look out for the November classes will ya ;) *wink wink*
Thank you for visiting. and that Mediacorp thingy...nooo im no star *blush*. nothing like that. *blush*. "Xiang wor ni ter shou" will be one of the longest running local series drama.180 episodes. My mom will love that ;)
From the class this morning, I learnt there are so many of you silent readers.gee.thank you.
okie...I'm off to dreamworld.see you gals in blogworld. very soon ;)


BabyBokChoy said...

Wow, how totally inspirational, the name you gave your 3rd child. Those were the days, brand new born, and to do it without help, I admire how you pulled through! What a page to remember that! Gorgeous!!

Coochies & All said...

Excellent work Jaz!! So happy to hear that your class is full!! Speaks a lot of how people view your work, congrats girl!!
elaine t

Darien said...

WOW! Every time I look at your blog I get inspired!!!!!!! Your work is amazing!!!!!! Love it!!!