Friday, March 13, 2009

ten a.m.

cover page

last page

the accordian

This is one of the coolest projects that I have done for Buzz and Bloom ;) I had fun creating with the Buzz and Bloom mini series here. I am definitely tickled pink with the ACR THE MINI SERIES: The George - Bubblegum.
First, I adhered 3 of my photos onto cardboard. Then I punched holes at both sides of the photos so that they can connect to each other, to create an accordion album.
I cut the Nautilus Scrolls in half, painted them with turqoise paint and used them to decorate the cover page. For the title, I used CB TMS: That 70s Alphabet painted in red.
Using the oh-so-gorgeous CB TMS Frills, painted in lime green, I framed corners of the photos. And for the middle piece, I framed the whole photo with them. And for the last page, the back cover, I added details and the journalling.
The journalling reads:
"26 March 09 ,10am"
"10.00 am: I asked if you would take a photo with me for it was Chinese Lunar New Year Day. You said "Not again Mommy" and you teased me.
10.02 am: I tickled you for making funny faces at me.We both had a good laughed together till our tummies were cramp.
10.05 am: You then agreed to take a photo with me.You gave your best smile.The photo turns out great.Don't you agree?"
Thank you for looking and thank you for visiting Buzz and Bloom Blog.


Edleen said...

that's so cool Jaz :)

enjoy the school hols with your kids and have a great time!

Princess Gizmo said...

This is super cantik Jaz!!! :)

Lori said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for your kind comments on my InspireMe post.

Mandy said...

That is so cool! Love your work Jaz!!

Shirley said...

cool babe! love tat tin! no wonder i ate those cookies ouuta a plastic bag! u had already taken the tin!!! hahahaha!

Blue Banana said...

I love mini album! Thanks for sharing! I love your work!!!