Sunday, March 22, 2009

Live in the NOW...

i think i like this title. i have been pondering too much i guess. i gotta enjoy every single day and be happy. maybe am just too stress about too tiny puny things in life. okay i gotta let go!
I have been so busy.for Kai & Faith were so sick last week.then me. hubby was away to Japan so i put on my cape for 15days as a supermummy and kept on chanting "i will not cry" lol. of course i did not cry, for God was and is and always will be with me. Hubby home after 15days and I got a one nice great gift from him. Am so thrilled with it. thank you hubby!

i had my first class at Growing Paints last week.we had fun. learnt lotsa stuffs at this new place.
If you are in Singapore on Easter Friday,come and join us for Easter's day activities.The kids gonna have so much fun .

i want to thank everyone that dropped by. and left sweet messages for me. i truly appreciate each one of them.and gets excited whenever i see new comments. i thank friends like Michelle and Joenna and Janice...and many of you that come by ever so often but don't leave any comments at all....i want to say Hello!
Blessed week to all.


Audrey Pettit said...

I'm so sorry you've all been hit with the sickies at your house, Jaz! It is sure going around these days. Hope you're all recovering! And I hope your stress levels lower as well. It is so very hard to be a supermommy all the time! Sending you big hugs and lots of awe at your new Webster's creation. Truly stunning work there!

Blue Banana said...

Oh yes! K used to attend the Sat class at Growing Paint! One word ... FUN!! ;D

Thanks for sharing your work! Every piece is an ART to me. I always leave your blog bursting with inspiration!! ;)