Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BnB DT Proj {calender holder}

This is posted at Buzz and Bloom.
Ready to embellish? You'll crave for these chipboards! Anything is possible with these awesome products. I had fun creating with this CB Turn Turn Turn: For Every Purpose - large.
1) Adhere patterned paper onto the two circled boards.Leave the piece with a window for the bottom.
2) For the top piece, adhere an overlay. Distress the photo and adhere onto the overlay. Break the ACR Beaded Curtain: blueberry and use the pieces as frames on the photo. I used the little crown from CB Tabbed Book Kit: Princess Sparkle. Painted it white and then edges with red ink.
3) I embellished the page with CB Arboretum: Seedlings (painted white) and flowers and other embellishments. The fun here is to be creative in your own way ;)
4) Next, I punched two holes onto the bottom and top of each circle. Used thread to tie them up and then used my pair of earrings to cover up the holes and to act as decorative items here.
5) For the second piece, adhere an overlay and your mini 2009 calender onto it.
6) Here's the interesting part. There's a little window hole on the second piece of the CB Turn Turn Turn: For Every Purpose: large, I used a little metal birdy to clip on it and embellished the page with cutouts and other embellishments.
I hope you enjoy creating your new year project. Have Fun!


tina q. said...

This is so cool, Jasmine! I love it.

Blue Banana said...

Wow! Gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!! ;)