Friday, January 16, 2009

O. M. G !!!!

Have you dropped by inspireMe? You will be floating on air in delight! These new releases from Webster's Pages guaranteed to make your mouth water and your heart melt!! There's a great choice of patterned paper, die cuts, alphabet stickers and more more more...Brandin really outdid herself!!!

And the latest at inspireMe, LIVE CHAT:US Time 27 January 9pm, Tuesday "We had so much fun at the last chat we will be doing it again. The boss will be away but we can still play (and give away a new collection). We will be chatting about the new releases, any scoop Brandin has from CHA and whatever else you want to talk about it. See you there!"

okay okay,i know itz gonna be like the 3rd day of cny for us here in Singapore and Malaysia....hmm..but hey read again "giveaway a new collection" during the chat. So itz gonna be 10am ,28 January ,Wednesday for us in Singapore/Malaysia time. Amidst the busy makan,do remember to come and join in the fun ya ;)

And herez a page i did.Yes,i know i don't do much of boy's pages.But somehow using the gorgoeus Hello Beautiful line from Webster's Pages,i managed to get the result i somehow wanted lol.Have always wanted to scrap these precious photos of lil skyler's first few steps where he was still struggling to balance himself.He had so much fun with simon and they were both just beaming with smiles ;) tfl!

I hope these photos of the layout look good.I always have to make the effort to bring faith and lil skyler down to the poolside to have the photos of my work taken. and then while busy capturing these photos,i have to go about saying "no,please don't throw the stones into the pool".."no,please don't wet your shirt"..."no,please don't jump into the pool!!!!!!" etc etc..LOL!!
Am still busy coping with the kids's new schedule especially kai with his extra classes for Basketball,Higher Chinese and swimming and wushu..all in the new time slots!! So much so that now im still confused on what time im expecting him to step! Im breathless but coping. Lil sky is down with fever now but prayfully this lil dynamite will be up and running soon ;)
Thank you all for visiting.Thank you ever so much to Sue and Princess Gizmo for the awards which i will drop by to collect soon.
Chat again soon....ttfn!


..tina.. said...

Beautiful, Jasmine! Those Webster's Pages DO make my mouth water ;)

Princess Gizmo said...

Gosh this is gorgeous!!! I love it!! :)

Renoa said...

Hi Jaz!
Fabulous boy layout with the WP pps!!! yummy~~
Enjoy your day :D

Blue Banana said...

YES!! OMG!!!! I want those new releases from Webster's Pages!!! *drool drool*


Shirley said...

Wah!! Lovely lovely lovely! And so delicious lah! Are those new releases here in our LSS? Let me know so I can rush down to LP to get my greedy fingers on them!
Hope Sky gets well soon. Sch is here and all is crazy, I lose track of time, days and kids!! Hahahaha!